Breitling Watch Collection in Dubai

Breitling is still the most favorite watch brand among various professional like aviators, pilots, astronauts and deep sea divers. Apart, from being the preferred brand of professionals, Breitling watches are also liked by common people who want to add style and elegance to their personalities. These watches can be easily bought from leading watch retailers or from Breitling boutiques present in different Malls of Dubai. The official retailer or Breitling boutiques are the right place to buy these luxurious Swiss watches in Dubai, as they offer genuine branded watches with right pricing.

A Little History of Breitling
Breitling watches are one of the most famous luxury Swiss watches in the world manufactured by the Breitling SA Private Company. The history of these watches can be traced back to 1884, when Leon Breitling introduced chronographs for scientific and industrial purposes. The first wrist Breitling watches were introduced a decade later, after the death of Leon Breitling by his son Gaston Breitling. Breitling was the first company to introduce wrist watches to aviators and therefore, they are considered the pioneers of aviation watches. Later, the company became the sole and official supplier for the royal Air force in 1936. Breitling watches was the preferred brand among the various military units because there watches offered navigation options and features.

The Different Series of Breitling Watches
• Breitling Windrider series: This series of Breitling watches have got its design from Breitling chronomats. This series have distinctive technical and aesthetic features that make it preferred choice for Air force personals. This series is further divided in two categories the blackbird and the chornomat evolution. Both types have three chronographs with either 6 hour marker or 3 hour marker. Along with chronographs, the small window that shows the date is positioned just below the 12 marker. This series is available in colors like blue, silver and black.

• Breitling Navitimer series: This series of Breitling watches is famous among the aviators. These watches have the capacity to measure short period of time and are equipped with navigation computer. The navigation computer installed in these watches help the aviators in solving fight calculus such as fuel consumption and ascent times. The navigation computer also helps in converting the miles into nautical miles or kilometers. Though such watches are useful for aviators, but are also worn by common people who like to play with the latest technology in their wrist watches. These watches are available on all official Dubai watch retailers.

• Breitling Professional series: The professional series of Breitling watches include all emergency features like micro transmitter and electronic sophistication. These watches are preferred by people who can appreciate technology and numerous functions in their wrist watches. This series of watches are widely sold in city like Dubai, where people who like to save other’s life. This series is also known by the name of emergency watches, as they are designed by keeping in mind the needs of emergency professionals.

More About The Company
Breitling is among the top first class watchmakers in the world, by many considered as the best watch brand in the world. Breitling watches are famous for being suitable for professional sportsmen and adventurers, pilots and racers and all of its special releases are highly sought all over the world. The collections of Breitling really work the watchmaker’s slogan, which states that its watches are “instruments for professionals”. In Dubai, you will not be able to find these highly special watches in many places. However, as we talk about Dubai, the land where you can buy everything, we will guide you to find the places of Breitling over here.

Breitling is a true Swiss legend watch and first known for its watches especially designed for pilots with the Navitimer and the Emergency and the Montbrilland being their first models followed by the Chronomat Evolution. These models are still in use, some of them selling as limited edition items which means that you won’t see them in shops and even if you did, its highly possible that you won’t be able to pay their price and even you did, you wouldn’t be able to use two third of its specific features especially for pilots.

Breitling was the first company in the world to invent the first self-winding chronograph, also patented many new features regarding the look the mechanism of the chronographs built into its wristwatches. Most of these works and inventions Breitling made has been in cooperation with its rival Heuer from the TAG Heuer watch making company. Breitling now has five separate lines all for professionals: Navitimer, Windrider, Professional, Aeromarine and the Limited Edition items. In addition, there are no women’s Breitling watches, so if you see such watches they are not real. Breitling has an active role in today’s aviation society. It takes part in the Reno Air Races and has its own Breitling Jet Team as well.

Two Legendary Breitling Watches
Breitling Emergency: These Breitling watches contain a radio transmitter for civil aviation use with a broadcasting frequency of 121.5 MHz The same watch has been partly reworked and refined for military use, containing a miniature transmitter operating on the 243.0 MHz military frequency. The uniqueness about the Emergency watches is that under normal flat terrain or calm seawater conditions, the signal can be picked up at a distance of up to 90 nautical miles equalling 167 kms by a search aircraft flying at 20,000 feet max. In 2003, Reuters reported that two British pilots who crashed their helicopter in Antarctica were rescued because they have activated their Breitling watches of Emergency type and the search aircraft could catch their signals.

Breitling Navitimer and Cosmonaute Navitimer: These special Breitling watches contain a 24 hour dial instead of the normal 12-hour dial. A version of the Navitimer was manufactured to contain the logo of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. One of the astronauts who took part in the Mercury programs as the 24-hour dial has key importance in space where one cannot distinguish night and day anyhow told the whole idea of the 24-hour dial to Breitling. That is how the 24 hour Navitimers were used for space travel

Where To Buy Breitling Watches in Dubai?
Breitling watches are also famous for their cooperation and signature luxury limited edition collections for the luxury car brand Bentley. The famous Montbrilland watches are also still sold in several types’ editions, together with the Blackbird watches both names are sold in limited editions. In Dubai, Breitling is distributed by the Dubai Al Mulla Jewellery company and has its one brand store in the Mall of the Emirates and the Kunooz Jewellery shop in the Wafi City Centre.

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