Bridal Jewelry for Different Wedding Themes:

Bridal jewelry is very trendy in Dubai and there are almost unlimited varieties of all sorts of beautiful bridal jewelry to see over here. Dubai, the mold of different cultures is dealing with the jewelry of different cultures. In the Arabic countries nowadays, the Western collections are the most trendy to wear for weddings. Arabic brides look beautiful. If you have a chance to see a wedding in Dubai, do not miss the chance. You can also see several beautiful Indian style weddings in Dubai as well, which are also one of their kinds. Let us see the best stores with the nicest assortments of different sorts of bridal jewelry

International collections of bridal jewelry
The most beautiful Western style bridal jewelry collections can be found in the stores of Pure Gold Jewelry, where they represent all sorts of great gold, white gold and platinum engagement rings and diamond bridal jewelry of the highest level. Other great stores for finding fine quality bridal jewelry are the Samara, which is a great diamond specialist with the widest assortment of wedding and engagement rings and bridal sets and also do not forget to visit the Joyalukkas Jewelry who was among the first stores that implemented separate bridal jewelry corners in their shops.

Arabic Bridal Jewelry
Arabic jewelry is not that much worn by Arabic brides today as the European and International jewelries are the trendiest to wear. Of course, nothing can kill the love of Arabic women for beautiful gold jewelry and out of this, you can find plenty in Dubai. The brands reflecting the most the traditional style of Arabic bridal jewelry can be found in the collections of Damas. Look up the collections called Legacy which offer beautiful big necklaces, and great huge earrings and in the collections of Mantourah which represent a beautiful mixture of Arabic and modern style in jewelry design. The Farha collections contain beautifully engraved rich traditional style jewelry. Find Samra jewelry in the Mall of the Emirates and Joyalukkas in the Gold Souk of Dubai.

Indian Bridal Jewelry
Indian bridal jewelry is incredibly huge, colorful and beautiful. Indians use several of such jewelry, which other cultures do not use. For example, the earrings connecting with nose rings, tikkas that are beautiful hairclips and they use other beautiful and expensive sorts of other hair and body jewelry. India is the land of gold and diamonds so no wonder that it has by far the biggest culture of great quality jewelry. Bridal necklaces are no simple necklaces but huge necklace systems containing several interconnecting necklaces of all size. Check out the beautiful collections of Indian bridal jewelry at the Meena Jewelry, which has the widest assortments of special Indian jewelry located in the Meena Bazaar.

As you see, you will have plenty of places to go, if you want to learn more about the local bridal jewelry. Dubai is really the land of jewelry and you will see that the beautiful jewelry collections of Dubai local stores really precede their European and transatlantic rivals. Of course, there is a wide chance for you to check out the bridal jewelry of all the most famous and highest quality international jewelries too. Needless to say, that the best collections features in the Dubai Gold Souk.

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