Burj Khalifa – The World’s Tallest Building

Dubai is a place where all your dreams could be fulfilled in just a minute. Things you always dreamt about, things you always ran after would be within your reach without much trouble. There are ample wonderful sites that could fit your needs and those would be just a short walk away. Life is much more convenient in Dubai with all required facilities just at your doorstep. In Dubai you would find business, commerce, shopping and work environment much easier. Latest of all development in Dubai is a place called Dubai Downtown. Created a unique concept of diversification of life along with all the required luxurious facilities. A property in Burj Khalifa is restricted to luxury apartments consisting of several high rises and commercial properties.

Burj Khalifa earlier known as Burj Dubai was inaugurated in 2009 and it took almost six years to complete the world’s tallest man made building. It stands 828m high and it is a major aspect of the flagship development called Dubai Downtown. The beauty and enigma of Burj Khalifa has surely touched our hearts. Burj Khalifa being the tallest building in the world, made a fascinating journey in its construction period. Initially the construction was being made at a fast pace but later as time went by the construction of Burj Khalifa took a back seat. In the mid of the construction, the world suddenly experienced a crisis and there was a financial crisis all over the world, Dubai was no exception. Indulging into such a big project Dubai was heavily into debts and it was neighboring country Abu Dhabi who bailed them out in the period of crisis.

You would probably find ample eye-catching skyscrapers in Dubai but Burj Khaifa is certainly an exception. It is built in such a strategic manner that both business and residential purpose are both solved at the same time. The design of it is a complex art of engineering work and it is mainly inspired from the traditional Islamic structure. The beauty of the building is several times enhanced by the presence of a lake beside the tower right in the centre of the building complex in Dubai. Among several other attractions, some of the worth mentioning entities are The Burj Dubai Lake Park, The Dubai Mall and the Boulevard plaza. These are famous for providing products and services for the residents and tourists of Dubai. The spread of cuisines at the Burj Dubai is a delight to watch and consume at the same time. Relaxation facilities provided at each of the towers are beyond any description.

The stay at Burj Khalifa will provide someone with both the abundance of nature and the luxury of staying at the one of the most posh societies of the world. It is correctly said that only few very lucky people get a chance to stay in Burj Khalifa. The development of the city and the growth and economic surplus provided by the city is worth the investment and the amount seems to be only nominal as compared to the facilities provided.

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