Bus Touring Around Dubai

Dubai bus tours are highly popular and the best suggested ways to go on a group excursion. Dubai but tours operate either within or outside Dubai. Hereby we represent you with some of the most popular bus tourist, which you can attend in this beautiful and unique city.

1. Dubai bus tour: sightseeing
There are hundreds of sightseeing buses operating inside of Dubai, either starting from a prearranged site or stopping by at hotels to collect the attendees. Sightseeing tours are great, especially when it is hot, so you will spend most of your time in a good climate, not having to battle with the heat of Dubai. There are cultural types of sightseeing, which go from New Dubai to Old Dubai showing people the most important sites of Dubai. There are specialised bus tours too, such as the shopping tours where the agency shows tourists around in the most frequented Dubai shopping malls. Then there is the hop-on, hop-off types of sightseeing tours going on prearranged routed with stops and you can join in or get out whenever you want. This is a nice way of going when you would like to get from one to the other part of the city, without hassle.

2. Dubai bus tours to the nearby Emirates
There are several prearranged Dubai bus tours to take guests to sightseeing to a nearby lying city or site. The most popular of these are the sightseeing tours to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, to Sharjah, which is a great beach paradise, and to Al Ain, which is an oasis. These bus tours are operating on longer routes with wholly equipped buses and with one or two guides helping and advising people. All of these sightseeing tours are great when you would like to make an excursion but cannot really decide how to go to these destinations. Looking around Abu Dhabi is the best suggestion, as it is a beautiful city, with differences to Dubai.

3. Private Dubai bus tours and minibus tours
In Dubai, you can get just anything if you have the money for it. All these excursions can be realised with a private air-conditioned minibus too, where the driver is the guide too. These private tours are more popular when a group of people has specific interest, for example, they want to go to the best diving sites of Dubai.

4. 4×4 tours
This could also be called a Dubai bus tour in a way, only here the bus is in fact a 4×4 jeep or other off-road vehicle. These prearranged tours normally go either to the Dubai desert or to the Wadi excursions, where buses cannot really get. These are also very popular Dubai excursions. If you have not been to the desert yet, do not miss the chance to go on a desert safari.

The Emirates has several beautiful sites, which are great to see. In case you plan to spend at least a month in Dubai, think about taking part in some of the most popular prearranged Dubai bus tours. Dubai bus tours are not solely about a group of people but they are about to create friendship between people by a good guide which maybe will be friendships even and thanks to the guide you will get lots of useful information about Dubai.

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