Buy a Pretty Helzberg Diamond Necklace

Creating the today famous “I am loved” slogan in the world of jewellery Helzberg Diamonds has quickly become world famous for its outstanding quality of diamond jewellery. Helzberg Diamonds, although today it concentrates on its internet trading more, it still has its showrooms all around the world. Originating from the United States, Helzberg is today among the biggest brands of diamond jewellery, always representing outstanding designs in its diamond necklace collections. In our article, we would like to represent you to Helzberg Diamonds and will explore where we can find their showroom or jewellery in Dubai.

Founded in 1915 Helzberg is one of the most historical jewellery businesses in the United States. Today, the brand operates more than 230 stores all over the US and plans to open even more. A couple of years ago, the brand has decided to open its first ever abroad showroom in Dubai, due to the growing number of US residents living there and of course also due to the extra interest of locals to buy top quality jewellery in Dubai. The brand has its base in Kansas City. Today, it is part of the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Helzberg has become famous all around not only for its great quality gold and diamond necklace collections but also because it has an excellent customer service, great quality website and all sorts of extra services such as its call centre and all the additional information you can find on its website. Helzberg has guarantee and great return guarantee on each one of its jewellery, providing users with GIA Diamond Certificate with each one of its diamond jewels. The website of Helzberg is highly educative, offering customers the chance to learn about diamonds and jewellery.

When it comes to diamond necklace collections Helzberg offers the following diamond collections to its customers:
• Artiste: concentrates on the collection of outstanding diamond bridal rings and engagement rings.
• Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece: With its Degas and Mondrian diamonds, this is the brand’s most exclusive collection of engagement rings.
• Helzberg Diamond Symphonies: with its Mozart, Beethowen, Vivaldi and Handel collections of outstanding engagement rings, this collection is a must-see for everyone who is to marry someone very special.
• Radiant Star: offering great, sophisticated diamond necklace and pendant sets which are also great to wear during the day, the radiant Star is a very special collection including great quality diamonds.
• Solitaria: celebrating Solitaire diamond, the Solitaria also represents an outstanding collection of wedding and engagement rings with the most beautiful diamonds.
• Everlon Diamond Knot: this is a great and unique knot-like design representing outstanding diamond necklace collections paired up with bracelets, rings of extreme artistic value.
• Harout R Bridal: This collection concentrates on great wedding and bridal rings, and contains mainly white gold jewellery.
• Memoire: This collection contains exclusive yellow and white gold bridal rings.
• Mirabela: If you are looking for outstanding diamond necklace sets for special occasions, then we suggest you to definitely check out the collection of Mirabela representing beautiful designs that enhance the beauty of white diamonds paired up with white gold, offering beautiful diamond necklace and ring creations intended for special occasions.
• Past, Present, Future: this collection features an outstanding collection of diamond cocktail and engagement rings.
• Sirena: featuring great looking diamond necklace creations with a hint of colour you should definitely check this collection out if you plan to buy something discreet yet elegant for you. The diamond pendants are going great for daywear and for special occasions as well.

In Dubai, you can find the creations of Helzberg at multiple places, first in the Bloomingdale’s, which is located in the Dubai Mall and in the Mall of Emirates as well. Helzberg label store can also be found in the Saks Fifth Avenue, which is located in the BurJuman Shopping Mall in the downtown of Dubai. With its outstanding quality and a website available from all around the world, Helzberg is worth visiting.

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