Zainal’s Exquisite Diamond Necklaces

Dubai, being the capital of jewellery trading in the Middle East, has some of the most outstanding jewellers in the world. One of these great brands includes Zainal Jewellers. The brand, which is today one of the most exclusive brands of Dubai has grown out the be one of the most popular jewellers due to its great will in order to always provide customers with the very best, unique pieces of jewellery. Zainal Jewellery offers high profile diamond necklace sets in outstanding designs. In our article, we will learn about Zainal Jewellery and its great sets of jewellery.

The brand of Zainal Jewellers was founded in the early Nineties’ by Dewji Zainal, Indian jewellery, with the jewellery making experience of multiple generations, who has grown up to fall in love with jewellery making. With diamond being his most popular stone and in fact his birthstone, Dewji Zainal has soon learned all the tricks of the trade in several different countries and decided to open his very first jewellery showroom in 2000 on his own in Dubai. Mr. Zainal has always offered loose diamonds and gemstones next to its great diamond jewellery creations and his brand has soon become a largely diamond-centred brand.

Zainal Jewellery has always been ahead of its competition in Dubai. It has been the very first jeweller who was offering loose gemstones for its customers, but also was the very first who openly offered its customers to take part in the designing of their future jewellery collections. This is how his most outstanding diamond necklace creations were also born and this step gave a large publicity to the jewellery. Zainal Jewellery was among the very first Dubai jewelleries, which has created its Birthstone Jewellery concept. If you visit the store of the brand you, you can get a lot more information on your birthstone and get to choose the sort of jewellery that can enlarge your energy levels the best way.

Apart from diamond necklace sets, Zainal Jewellery offers an extreme range and variety of jewellery made out of gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum with the inclusion also of pearl and coloured gemstones. The brand also trades with high quality designer watches as well. In the store of Zainal Jewellery, you can also browse among great quality wedding and engagement rings, brooches, bracelets and pendants. For men Zainal Jewellers offer great quality gold and silver cufflink sets.

When it comes to the large necklace collection of Zainal Jewellers, the brand offers not only gold or platinum necklaces but also deals with the offering of multicoloured diamond necklace sets, with the help of different colour gold alloys. In case you decide to take part in the designing of your jewellery, you will get the finest quality resources for you to do so. Zainal’s customised jewellery service works with extreme success for many years.

The Dubai showroom of Zainal Jewellery can be found in the new area of Dubai, not far from the Dubai International Airport Terminal A, located nect to Crowne Plaza Hotel Dubai. In case you look for your next favourite diamond necklace creation or you feel that you can design the exact necklace you want, do not hesitate to visit Zainal Jewellers in Dubai.

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