Al Liali Diamond Necklace

In Dubai, there are numerous outstanding jewellery brands, no matter we are talking about international or local brands, Dubai jewellery market is one of the busiest in the world. There are however some outstanding brands here, which are really worth visiting for their outstanding collections of diamond, gold, silver or platinum jewellery and Liali jewellery is definitely one of these. Being one of the dynamically growing brands in Dubai, Liali Jewellery has stores in all the bigger shopping malls of Dubai. Let us check out the key collections of Liali Jewellery what you need to check out on, in case you are looking for diamond necklaces or diamond necklace sets in Dubai.

Al Liali offers several collections and it has further plans to grow. Being one of Dubai’s older jewellery brands, Al Liali is well-known in the local circles of jewellers. In the past decades, Al Liali concentrates rather on producing first class white gold and diamond jewellery, which though does not mean, that it leaves its beautiful classic gold creations behind. The diversity makes the collections of Liali Jewellery so outstanding. No matter you are looking for Western style or Oriental style necklace collections, you can find them at Al Liali Jewellery.

Memories: if you are looking for sophisticated diamond necklaces, which contain extra beautiful pieces, you need to check out this diamond-oriented collection of Liali Jewellery. Memories also have great collections of rings, bracelets and diamond pendants. The artwork represented in its collection has the beauty in its simplicity, which is to enhance the pure beauty of white transparent diamonds of great quality. This collection contains solely white gold jewellery.

Petite: If you are looking for great diamond necklaces made out of classic yellow gold, then your collection is definitely petite. Featuring exclusive diamond necklace collections this collection is really special and reminds us how great can white diamonds look also with yellow gold. Petite has some extra beautiful pendants as well.

Affair: representing first-class modern designs, this collection is for those who are looking for something beyond the outlook of classic jewellery. Affair also represents diamond and other gemstone specialties in its jewellery, such as the black diamond and the rose gold diamond necklace collections, each one more than worth checking out. Affair collection of Liali Jewellery represents jewellery made out of white diamonds.

Indian Collections: These three collections are similar in outlook and designs and each one of them represent the beauty of Indian jewellery. If you want to check out the beauty of diamond rings, you should check out the Nakshatra Collection, while ASMI concentrates more on representing collections. If you want to check out the great diamond necklaces made by Indian style, you will need to check out Gili Collection that represents you with beautiful yellow gold necklace sets.

Nouf: Nouf is the collection of Al Liali, which concentrates on representing the colourful gemstone jewellery of Liali Jewellery, representing beautiful rings, bracelets and necklace collections in all the colour of the rainbow. This is a collection intended for the fans of colour in jewellery.

Apart from its outstanding diamond necklace collections, Liali also sports a different segment of its business dealing especially with gold jewellery. This segment is called LialiGold and contains must-see pieces, many of which are traditional Indian style jewellery representing all the beauty of classic gold. Liali is a great brand you can’t miss to visit in Dubai, having its showrooms in each downtown Dubai shopping malls.

Al Liali is a renowned luxury jewelry brand in Dubai, and purchasing their exquisite diamond necklaces is a delightful experience in this glamorous city. Al Liali boasts a network of opulent boutiques across Dubai, prominently located in prestigious shopping destinations such as the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and the Gold & Diamond Park. These boutiques showcase a dazzling collection of diamond necklaces, allowing customers to browse through a wide range of designs and choose the perfect piece that suits their preferences and occasions. Furthermore, Al Liali’s official website offers a seamless online shopping experience, providing a comprehensive overview of their diamond necklace collections, along with the option for secure online purchases, ensuring that customers have access to their exquisite creations, whether they prefer a physical boutique visit or the convenience of shopping from anywhere in the world.

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