Buy Magnificent Jewelry Sets by Boucheron

Boucheron is one of the most antique first class jewelry brands of France, having been the very first to have moved to its Place Vendome store, when the outstanding avenue was not housing any more jewelry stores yet. Although not the Place Vendome, the Dubai Mall of Dubai jewelry lovers offer you the chance to visit the outstanding store of Boucheron.

Boucheron was founded as a family business as early as in 1858. The family business soon became among the most popular jewelry stores of Paris and they soon opened their store on Place Vendome, which is today the famous seat of first class jewelers. The store is still the flagship store of Boucheron specially chosen by Mr. Boucheron to be sunny so that the diamonds sparkle even more. The famous jewelry store soon became the jeweler of national and international kinds such as Tsar Alexandre III and Queen Elizabeth II whose Boucheron tiara remained her most favorite jewelry and now Camilla, the second wife of Prince Charles owns it. Boucheron has the highest collectible jewelry sets due to the high exclusivity and the high quality of their jewelry sets. Boucheron has always had great fantasy to explore all the possibilities that all the precious stones and precious metals hide. In its current collection, the Quatre “ White edition”, you will see the most beautiful ring sets, which include one band made out of four different rings, made out of 4 different materials, which vary from silver, platinum, white gold, to rose, pink and yellow gold. The Cypris Ring collection revives the ancient Greek tragedies with its forms and the Boucheron Brides bridal ring collection remains an everlasting favorite for many. On its website, Boucheron gives you the chance to try on the jewelers virtually too! Boucheron recently came out with its great perfume collection and with a sophisticated collection of sunglasses too. The Boucheron perfumes are especially famous, selling in every perfumery all around the world. It was only a question of time for Boucheron to arrive in Dubai and become one real gemstone of the international Dubai jewelry market.

The main segments of Boucheron contain these sections: High Jewelry, Jewelry, Watches, Bridal and Custom Made. The Custom made is one interesting part of Boucheron’s collection. Over here, you have the chance to choose one out of the four trademark products of Boucheron: the Chameleon Ring, the Secret Ring, the Camérisson ring and the Chauveléon Ring. You have the choice to choose the shades of these beautiful jewels. After choosing one of the four, you can then choose out of four beautiful gemstones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Then you have the choice to color the entire little jewel for yourself. This is a great way of making the client involved in the personalizing her jewelry. Dubai jewelry lovers simply love the great style of Boucheron. Boucheron can be found in two Dubai jewelry selling places, one of them is their flagship Dubai jewelry store located in the Dubai Mall’s Bloomingdale’s department store, the second one is located in the Mall of the Emirates. In the Dubai jewelry world, Boucheron has an elite place.

The Dubai jewelry retailer of Boucheron is the Al Tayer Dubai jewelry and fashion retailer group. Visit the stores of Boucheron to marvel at the genuine way of their jewel designs and the quality of their art works. If you are looking around Dubai jewelry stores, do not miss the chance to visit the stores of Boucheron.

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