Buy Stylish Platinum Rings

Dubai is a great place to go, when it comes to jewellery and buying jewellery. The emirate has successfully created a great interest in its jewellery business receives a growing number of tourists year by year, who come partly, because of the fame of Dubai, in terms of its quality jewellery. Platinum is the most expensive precious metal of all, therefore it is great to have jewellery out of it and many come to Dubai, to specifically look for high quality platinum rings, which here may cost up to 50% less than in any other Western countries. In our article, we will explore some of the best brands in Dubai, where you should start your search, when it comes to platinum rings and sets.

Dubai in the past decades has successfully entered and has become one main player on the international scene of jewellery trading. Although the biggest percentage of jewellery and precious metal trading is owned by gold, being the most popular precious metal of all time, there are other metals, which must also be considered as being important in jewellery trading and platinum is one of these. Platinum is much rarer than gold and due to its texture and characteristics, it takes a lot longer for making platinum jewellery than out of any other precious metals. Therefore, as of now, platinum is the most expensive of all precious metals on the jewellery market.

The shine of platinum is a lot similar to silver and white gold but its texture and overall shine is much more paler and metal-like than of the former two. Platinum looks much like stainless steel. Platinum jewellery is not as well known as gold jewellery; therefore not every Dubai jewelleries offer platinum rings or collections to its clients. Hereby we represent some of the biggest brands who deal with platinum collections:

Pure Gold is one of top brands of Dubai jewellers, quickly advancing to be among the best brands. The brand has some of the most extensive collections in Dubai, in fact the biggest after Damas Jewellery, which is today considered the biggest Dubai Jewellery. Also, Pure Gold operates about 20 stores in Dubai, that makes its collections very well accessible, anywhere you are in Dubai. Pure Gold was among the first jewellers in Dubai to have come out with its Pure Platinum collection that offers some of the highest quality rings in Dubai.

Pure Platinum rings are decorated with top-notch quality white diamonds in different styles. We can see the 3-diamond style that creates a sophisticated band (excellent for being a wedding ring as well), other style features single stone creations, looking absolutely fabulous. Pure Platinum rings are also sold in Eternity ring or Half-Eternity ring styles.

Joyalukkas is among the best jewellery brands in Dubai, that has its centre and factories in Chennai, India, it offers top quality gold collections in Dubai for over 30 years now. Joyalukkas had a great role in creating quality jewellery service and practices in Dubai. Joyalukkas has only recently came out with its platinum jewellery that features high quality platinum rings and sets, that we can see in two collections: MIST and Akshaya Tritiya Special Products. While MIST represents highly sophisticated Western style platinum rings and collections, Akshaya Tritiya prefers to stick with the more artistic Indian style featuring haute couture sets made of platinum. Find Joyalukkas’s main showroom in Deira Gold Souk.

These two great brands represent some of the most beautiful collections of platinum rings and other jewellery, however, you should also check out the jewelleries in Dubai Gold and Diamond Park, which deal with great imported platinum jewellery and cheaper yet quality knock –off creations as well.

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