Buying Stylish Rings in Dubai

When it comes to buying jewellery, most people decide on buying rings as a first choice of jewellery. Rings have therefore become the most liked and the most worn sorts of jewellery all across the world. The choice of rings is extensive: ranging from wedding bands to the most complicated cocktail rings. In our article, we would like to introduce you to the great deal of Dubai jewellers and the best places for you to find the rings you like the most.

Dubai today is the Middle Eastern hub of international jewellery trading. The city itself is quite like a big jewellery store in itself, packed with fantastic places that were created specifically to house and sell high quality jewellery. The best thing in Dubai jewellery is its diversity You can get to see the designs and motives of different countries and cultures, from the deepest Indian traditional arts to the most contemporary Italian and French jewellery designs, the choice in here, is really close to being endless.

The huge shopping malls of Dubai house all the best jewellery brands from all across the world. The best examples are Dubai Mall that has its biggest covered Gold Souk in the world. The Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre of BurJuman Shopping Mall houses over 20 jewellery stores in the best local areas such as Deira Gold Souk or the Gold and Diamond Park. We would like to introduce you all of these great areas with our suggestion of jewellers when it comes to buying gold, platinum rings in the greatest variety.

The Dubai Mall has all what it takes to become one Nr.1 destination for everyone wanting to explore the fantastic choice of jewellery in Dubai. It has its own Gold Souk with around 40 different stores of local jewellers, but apart from this, Dubai Mall is housing the showrooms of the best jewellery brands in the world, housing stores of Cartier, Chopard, Bvlgari, De Beers, Boucheron, Graff just to mention some of the biggest names in jewellery trading today. If you would like to look at the best local choice of rings, we suggest you to visit one of the Damas Les Exclusives stores within Dubai Mall. Damas, featuring around 30 different brands is the biggest brand in the Middle East. Damas houses many of the very best and most outstanding rings in the world. If you are looking for wedding bands, we suggest you not to miss visiting Cartier, which is worldwide popular for its great choice of wedding rings and wedding bands. One of the most fantastic jewellers of Dubai, Devji Aurum also has it’s showroom in Dubai, it is definitely a must-see!

Dubai Gold Souk can never miss from any Dubai travel guides. This is a unique place and nowhere else can you see 350 jewellery stores, boutiques, bazaars in one place in the world! Dubai Gold Souk has the best local jewellers in one place. Also it’s a fantastic place for making great bargains. If you would like to find rings or wedding bands that were made to suit the Arabic flavor the most, such as the beautiful double and triple rings, you should not miss visiting some of the stores here. All the top local jewellers have their showrooms in Dubai Gold Souk. These include Damas, Pure Gold, Taiba, Joyalukkas, Al Liali, Al Haseena, Atlas jewellers. If you want the best choice of gold rings, do not miss visiting Taiba Jewellery, the local expert of quality gold jewellery.

There are of course so many other great places for buying jewellery, ranging from shopping malls to shopping centres, such as the extremely popular Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. If you would like to explore the best and most outstanding designs of rings, we really suggest you not to miss visiting any of these mentioned destinations. Dubai is a fantastic city, both for the tourists and for the shoppers. The city delivers such an outstanding an all-in-one experience that you really must experience.

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