Century Mall Dubai

Century Mall is also called Mamzar or Mumzar Centrury mall, related to the area where it is located. Mazar is one of the newest areas of Dubai, which is further from the downtown part of the city and it is actually much closer to neighbouring Sharjah, which as of today is almost one with Dubai. Mamzar area has been completed just recently and it encompasses one great beach park area, with golf course and it’s been created in such way that there are 3 peninsulas, which give place to some great bays too, which are much better for family friendly beach activities than the open water of the sea.

In about 5 years, when the largest of the three palm islands, the Palm Deira will be built, the Mamzar area will be able to enjoy full popularity, as with the creation of the huge island for sure another city centre of Dubai will be created. The constructions of the huge island are going on but luckily Mamzar area is nice and relaxed Century Mall is one of the first flagship shopping malls of this new area and it is already widely visited by both the Dubai and Sharjah locals. The area is also potentially very popular because of its closeness to the Dubai International Airport. Due to being very close to Deira district, the Century Mall is the easiest to reach with the Metro or the buses starting from Deira. The closest Metro stations to the Century Mall include Al Quialah Metro Station and the Stadium Metro Station 2. Both are about 10-15 minute walk from the Century Mall. If you start from Banyas Square in Deira, it will take about 20 minutes with the metro to get there.

Talking about its stores perhaps the biggest and most popular store of Century Mall is its Carrefour hypermarket, which is definitely the biggest in the area. The total size of the shopping mall is 150.00 Square feet and you can find altogether 75 stores within. The shopping mall has its own parking area with a capacity to accommodate 800 cars. The mall has its own food court and it is a real family shopping mall with many extras and some entertainment facilities with the main importance on the stores of course. The most popular stores are those that feature electronics, where people can get their latest cell phones, gizmos, gadgets and everything else what you may need.

For the children, the most interesting part of the mall will surely be the Jungle Bungle, Centrury Mall’s own amusement park that is among the unique things the shopping mall can offer its visitors. Jugle Bungle tries to entertain children in a way that they also learn interactively. Families can leave their children here for a couple of hours, after they decide in which sessions they would like to join. In the food court of the mall, you can find many great restaurants that offer specialties from France, Spain and Italy. Of course, if you would like to eat something authentic, you will have a great chance for doing so. Next to the restaurants, there are several cafeterias over here, if you feel like having a coffee after meal.

Century Mall, although it’s not as outstanding as the malls of Dubai downtown it’s a very nice place and visiting it would also give you a great reason to look around in the brand new Al Mamzar Park or even make an excursion to Sharjah which is not further than a 10 minute drive, from Centrury Mall. The area will have many hotels in the near future, giving more reasons for tourists to visit this great, new area of Dubai.

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