Chanel’s Gold Jewellery Collection

Chanel is the most famous and most important fashion brand of already two centuries. The French Chanel could really earn its name eternity and the brand has hundreds of boutiques worldwide. Currently Chanel is among the most expensive luxury brands in the world. In the last decade, Chanel has started its cosmetic range and its Haute Joallerie Fine Jewellery range works independently having its independent shops worldwide. Although gold jewellery from fashion designers is not taken as seriously Chanel does everything to gain its jewellery a name similarly as big as Tiffany’s or Cartier. Gold Jewellery is among the most frequently bought items in Dubai, where the first appearance of Chanel fine gold jewellery in the Dubai Mall caused a huge success.

Chanel fashion designs have become famous already before the first world war and the brand is still among the top, following the footsteps of the great lady who created this brand to become the Nr.1 fashion brand in the world. This can also be thanked to Karl Lagerfeld who could keep the traditions of Chanel in such way that none of its pieces have become old fashioned. Chanel deals with several things within the industry of Luxury brands. From fragrances to cosmetics, one of its most important branches is the Chanel Fine Jewellery, which deals with great timepieces and first class diamond, and gold jewellery. The timepieces of Chanel have been made in cooperation with one of the best watchmakers in the world Audemars Piquet. The gold jewellery section is also controlled and led by such professionals who have the best jewellery makers under their hands in order to create always something unique and great, when we take gold jewellery.

In the luxury industry, the highest profits come from gold jewellery and fine watch making. That is the reason why most of the luxury item manufacturers aim for making their own jewellery range eventually. In this case, the easiest way is to contact with an established gold jewellery brand, which has a well-known name in order to make cooperation with them to publish a collection under a joint name. In Dubai, international brands can only operate with the help and responsibility of a local Dubai retailer. Chanel’s retailer is the Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons, which is among the best quality jewellery and timepiece dealers of Dubai. As Chanel is richer in many ways, they could make what most fashion houses cannot do. They could earn their gold jewellery also quite a bit name. All their exclusive gold jewellery is handmade and they are created with the usage of the very best quality metals and gemstones.

Currently Chanel Fine Jewellery offers six different collections: Camélia, Cométe, Baroque, 1932, Ultra, Bridal. Each collection represents a main line along which the collection is manufactured. In the case of Camélia it is a black flower, while with the Cométe collection we can see stars and stripes. The Baroque collection represents the colours and the rest of the collection feature fine diamonds. Chanel jewellery uses white gold or platinum for its jewellery. There is no sight of yellow only fragments featured in Chanel’s gold jewellery collection.

Therefore, Chanel’s gold jewellery collection is not ordinary in many ways. However, in the same time, Chanel manufactures very specific and highly expensive gold jewellery collections. Dubai on the other hand is a huge fan of all sorts of international collections among which Chanel is a sure favourite and that are why Dubai features an incredible number of altogether seven boutiques in Dubai alone.

Find Chanel’s boutiques in the Dubai Mall, in the BurJuman Shopping Centre, in the Wafi Mall. The biggest Chanel gold jewellery boutique is located in the Dubai Mall.

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