Delicious Persian Cuisine in Dubai

The Persian or Iranian cuisine is unique in many ways. For the first glimpse, Persian food is an interesting mixture of Turkish, Mediterranean, and Asian, specifically Indian, Afghan, Pakistani and Arabic cuisine. Of course, Persian food is so much more than a mix as the entire Persian nation is considered the oldest in the area, together with the Turkish of course.

The main Persian meals vary from region to region. However, the main meals served slightly or more differently everywhere are: chelo kabab roast-meat with either Basmati or Iranian rice, Koobideh, which is a kabab, Joojeh, Shishleek- by its name you will already know to expect a great grilled meat. Other Persian foods include soltani, chenjeh, khoresht, basmati. Ghormeh sabzi, Aash – a Anaar, which is a rich soup sometimes even containing pomegranates for Ramadan or winter-time, kookoo a vegetable souffle, polo (white rice alone or with addition of meat and/or vegetables and herbs, including loobia polo, albaloo polo, Sabzi polo, zereshk polo, baghali polo are also Persian dishes, just to name a few. The Persian bread is called Naan and it is made in four main different ways that vary further in either home where they bake them.

This is a very authentic restaurant located on the Beach Road right next to Fatburgers. An authentic place with its own baked bread will ensure that you get if not perfect but good quality food for non sky-high prices. There is Iranian music everywhere inside, which looks like a family home transformed into a restaurant. The whole place is located in one house, looking like a family villa. It is one of the most frequented Persian restaurants in Dubai.

Al Borz
Located also in the downtown of Dubai, Al Borz is situated on the Sheikh Zayed Road, which serves as the main road of Dubai. With a great romantic setting, Al Borz is located right next to Al-Durreh Tower ensuring a great old-time atmosphere. The restaurant is famous for giving complimentary courses, such as soups and starters. The best choice here is to take the marinated lamb and the strong Turkish coffee. Al Borz also offers a delivery service for those who wish to dine their great dishes at home.

This is one of the most frequented Iranian Restaurants, thanks to its location. This restaurant can be found in the Madinat Jumeirah, a modern-mixed style souk, shopping mall and entertainment centre.

Located in the Dubai Mall, this restaurant offers its meals for economical prices. As it is in a shopping centre, it means the noise of shoppers is strong and while the restaurant has no music whatsoever, it is more suggested to sit as deep inside as you can. Try the quail kebabs, the lamb stew or the tangy chicken with Barbary rice. Do not miss the fruit cocktails, which are by far the best option to take as a drink as well including numerous exotic fruits.

Of course, there are many other Persian restaurants, bars, shisha bars and discos, specifically for Iranians. If you feel like and have the time, do not hesitate to explore some of these. Try Iranian food in one of the above-mentioned Persian restaurants. You will see how worth it is. As we do not really have the chance to go to Iran, let Iran come to us.

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