Dental Plastic Surgery in Dubai

Apart from being one of the specialized sorts of aesthetic surgeries, that require dental practice, on the contrary of other general operations used in plastic surgery, dental cosmetic surgery is today a very important part of aesthetic surgery. Dental cosmetic surgery as you may expect requires a huge deal of experience in terms of dental surgery and overall dental practice. In our article, we would like to represent you those Dubai aesthetic clinics, which also offer dental cosmetic surgery.

Of course, when talking about dental cosmetic surgery, of course we mean much more, than a normal or average dental process. Let us see what Dental Cosmetic Surgery includes:
– Teeth Whitening techniques
– Implants to make teeth look great
– The application of crowns on teeth for them to look white and healthy again
– The application of any sort of dental jewellery, which mostly mean crowns made out of gold or small gemstones inserted in teeth. This trend is starting to fade, although it was very in a couple of years ago.

These are the most important segments of dental cosmetic surgery, however the important to add is, that you cannot really divide general and cosmetic dentistry as they are connected and most patients who will undergo a dental cosmetic surgery will have their teeth properly fixed by the methods of new generation general dentistry. Today, most of the biggest Dubai surgeries offer dental cosmetic surgery. Let us see what their services cover:

ABSAMC: This elite plastic surgery offers a wide range of dental services such as whitening dentistry that includes overall teeth whitening, the inclusion of porcelain veneers, dental implants and all this happens in sedation, so that patient don’t feel any pain and doesn’t tire him or herself during the whole process. Of course, sedation methods are decided depending on the patient’s actual state. The clinic also offers a novelty method to straighten teeth without the application of metal braces.

Cocoona: This great clinic offers general and cosmetic dental surgery as well. Their dental cosmetic surgery includes general teeth whitening methods, the insertion of veneers, crowns and bridges together with implants and implant supported restorations. Additionally Cocoona also holds oral hygiene education sessions for children.

Currently, these are the two outstanding Dubai aesthetic surgery clinics that dental cosmetic surgery included in their repertoire of services. Apart from that, several dentists also deal with cosmetic dental surgery in Dubai. In case you look for more information, look up the website Dubai Surgery where you can check out other experts who deal with dental cosmetic surgery in Dubai apart from general dental clinics.

Apart from this, more and more Dubai aesthetic clinics are aiming to implement dental cosmetic surgery among their services, as teeth have key importance, when it comes to maintaining the best outlook. Dubai medical services are dynamically growing and with the completion of Dubai Healthcare City 2, Dubai’s role will tremendously grow in terms of both medical tourism and international elite level medical services.

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