Desert Classic – The Annual Golf Tournament

Dubai is a fascinating city in all aspects. By its people, landscapes, buildings and many more, you will never stop turning your head around and fail to see something interesting. While many people tour Dubai to sample variety of things, there is one that has stood out-the annual classic golf that takes place repeatedly every year. Many people travel from around the world to take part in Dubai Desert Classic, a golf event, which attracts a wide sect of people irrespective of their nationality.

Dubai Desert Classic is an annual golf tournament that brings together many people. Since its inception in late 80’s, the professional golf tournament has continued to be carried out with the same glory. By the time it was started, it was perhaps the very first European championship to be carried out in the Middle East. It’s mainly played in the Emirates gold course, which has great features that are not ordinarily found in other prominent golf course in any part of the world. Only two editions of the same event have been done outside the venue, which usually holds that event.

Dubai Desert Classic is a wonder of its own kind. Other than attracting the ordinary people, the golf professionals around the world also get fascinated by it hence they troop there in huge numbers. You will realize that majority of the people who attend this festival also have some other interests such as visiting many areas if Dubai and also doing some business.

Dubai Desert Classic has become a success due to the contribution of many people. Businesses have also ensured that they contribute adequate amount of money to ensure that the annual event runs without any hitch. Among the companies that have sponsored the event is the Cable News Network, Gulf news etc. National bank of Dubai is one distinguished sponsor among many businesses who have contributed immensely to the success of the golf. The past winners have also played a bigger role in ensuring that the event runs as expected.

Dubai Desert Classic has had the privilege of being held in the oldest golf club in the entire Middle East. The golf course has got two yards and 18 holes hence making it of good size to play with. The coveted trophy that’s awarded to the winner has become an envy of many hence attracting top-notch golf professionals around the world. Around the golf course are great facilities that can serve the visitors. You will be provided with state of the art accommodation, meals and service, which are not available in some other places. The personalized attention and the caring staff make it possible for you to best enjoy the place.

Generally, Dubai Desert Classic is an event like no other. It has a rich history, which continues to be shielded from wasting away. The businesses and some individuals that value this event so much have always provided the finances to ensure that it proceeds as expected. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who come to offer their support and also watch the game live as it’s played. If you would like to experience this for yourself, it’s important that you make an arrangement to go there at least once in your lifetime. You will be at a position to enjoy whatever you will see there. It’s just great!

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