Retailers of D&G Sunglasses in Dubai

Dolce and Gabbana is the name of the Italian fashion house that was established in 1985 by two Italian designers. In the start the company specialized in manufacturing women clothing, but with passage of time they company grew its operation and started manufacturing many other fashion accessories. Within the span of ten years this company became the most renowned and preferred brand for many famous celebrities. Many famous people like to wear the D&G sunglasses because they offer unique styling, shape and best quality. The company now manufactures range of D&G sunglasses that are categorized based on genders. This brand has spread all over the world and is specifically present in the Middle East cities like Dubai, as that is the business hub and tourist attraction point.

Famous varieties of D&G sunglasses:
The D&G sunglasses are categorized based on genders. The company offer unique variety for both men and women with difference in color, shapes and design. Some of the famous varieties of luxurious D&G sunglasses found in Dubai are,
• D&G Bling sunglasses: This variety of luxurious Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses is for the people who like bold and daring shapes in their eye wears. This range is available in two unique colors red with brown lenses and black. The frames of this range are mostly designed in rectangular shape that covers most part of the eyes and cheeks as well.

• Logo Rimless Shield: This range of luxurious D&G sunglasses is the most famous all around the world. This range of sunglasses is mostly available in black shades like grey pearl and Havana. These sunglasses ensure hundred percent UV protections and have Italian made high quality frames.

• Round plastic D&G sunglasses: This range of luxurious sunglasses is the most simplest and basic design offered by the company. This range is available in simple black and brown tones with plastic frame and tonal lenses.

Reasons to buy D&G sunglasses:
D&G sunglasses are preferred over other branded sunglasses especially in Dubai city because of some important reasons like,
• Excellent quality: D&G sunglasses are manufactured by some of the highest quality material and technologies like the acetate, propionate and high-grade jackets. These materials and technologies not only ensure the full protection to the eye, but also make the sunglasses durable and safer.

• Variety: D&G have divided their sunglasses range into male, female and unisex. Such huge variety makes it possible for the customer to choose the right frame according to their styles and face structure.

• Top designs: All D&G sunglasses have the elaborative hand crafted temples and company logo on them, which give them a unique and elegant look.

Retailers of D&G sunglasses in Dubai:
D&G is the most famous brand in Dubai because of its quality products and fashion accessories. Natives and tourist in Dubai can easily buy the D&G sunglasses from authorized dealers located at different shopping malls. Some of the well-known dealers of D&G glasses in Dubai are Rivoli eye zone Dubai Mall and Solaris Dubai Mall.

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