Dhamani at Dubai Gold Souk

Dhamani Jewellery is one of Dubai’s finest and most important jewellery brands for multiple reasons. Being based in the historical Dubai Gold Souk, the very centre of Middle Eastern gold and gemstone trading, Dhamani is a specific sort of jewellery, specialised in gemstone and diamond jewellery trading.

Dhamani is a Dubai based jewellery brand with Indian craftsmanship and management. The brand is the proud owner of the right to be the one and only that can produce the world famous Dubai Cut. Dubai Cut is Dubai’s own diamond cut, the only diamond cut in the world, which has been named not after the initial shape but a city (or emirate). Dubai Cut is one of the most difficult diamond cuts to produce in the world, as it features 99 facets on a diamond, representing the 99 names of Allah. The cut was found in order to represent the role Dubai wishes to take on the international platform of diamond and jewellery trading and also to therefore increase jewellery trading activities and tourism in the Dubai region. Here is when Dhamani Jewellery comes in picture, as it is the brand that has been appointed by the ruler of Dubai, to represent Dubai Cut. In order to preserve its genuineness and increase Dubai’s inland profits, the Dubai Cut cannot be reproduced by any other jewellery neither inside nor outside Dubai. Dhamani has therefore a key role in the trading life of Dubai and it is the only place where you can see the Dubai cut.

Apart from its fame, Dubai cut is not showcased in so many forms if you enter in a Dhamani store in Dubai. The reason for this is that the cut is very hard to produce. One Dubai Cut takes several months to make perfectly. The cut is made only on the best quality imported white diamonds. Apart from Dubai cut, Dhamani’s specialty is the following gemstones: sapphire, ruby, emerald, pearl and semi-precious gemstones. The brand also deals with fancy coloured diamonds. Fancy coloured diamonds means such stones that have come in poorer quality therefore have been chosen for their colour to be artificially changed, in order to make colourful accessories and jewelleries out of them. Fancy coloured diamonds represent a much lower value in the world of jewellery, which is worth knowing before buying them.

Dhamani Jewellery has its headquarters in both the Gold Souk of Dubai and the Al Mas Building in Jumeirah Lakes complex. The brand has around 20 stores all over Dubai and the United Arab Emirates that includes five stores alone in the Gold Souk and other showrooms in Burjuman Shopping Mall, Mirdif City Centre and Festival City Centre among many others. Once you are in Dubai and you are interested in buying high quality jewellery or loose stones, then you should not miss visiting Dhamani Jewellery to see the Dubai Cut among the brands other valued collections.

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