Diamond Engagement Ring Trends in Dubai

Diamond engagement rings in Dubai are beautiful and sold in a huge variety. The engagement rings are given to the bride according to the same rules as in Europe. The diamond engagement ring has to be very chiselled, characteristic, beautiful and expensive. The bigger is the stone in the engagement ring, the better it looks. Of course, choosing the most beautiful and suitable rings is up to the personal taste and the taste of the wife.

All jewellery stores sell beautiful rings and engagement rings in Dubai. The category of engagement ring is not always set so strict. As the engagement ring is not like the wedding band, it does not have to show any sign of wedding on the corner. Any so-called ordinary ring would look beautiful and elegant with these qualities making it available to serve as an engagement ring. The engagement ring also does not come in pairs, as it is only for the bride. Therefore, if you look up the online offers of the biggest Dubai jewellery brands, you will find that only Samra and Taiba jewelleries offer distinctive engagement rings. Out of these two, only in the offer of Taiba jewellery, you can see one and multiple stone engagement rings differentiated and offered diversely.

Samra Jewellery sells normally 18K and 21K gold engagement rings in Dubai. Its rings are commonly made out of white gold or white mixed with yellow gold. The rings normally contain the leading stone, which is the biggest, accompanied by smaller stones as well. In the case of engagement rings, the stones are no coloured all of them being diamonds. Taiba Jewellery has one stone or side stone engagement rings in Dubai. Taiba is professional in selling beautiful yellow gold jewellery. Its engagement rings are very elegant, sophisticated art pieces.

Damas and Joyalukkas sell all sorts of beautiful and elegant rings in all sizes with all sorts of styles. They follow the newest craziness featuring pink gold items as well. Pink gold is won by changing the contents of copper and gold within gold mixing it up with different material as well. This is also how the extra rare purple gold is also produced. Himat Jewellery also offers different settings with the base mostly made out of white gold. With its gemstone choice, we can see here rubies or sapphires accompanying diamonds. It also offers single to multiple stone set rings. Check out the offers of the exclusive Al Futtaim jewellery, offering also beautiful diamond jewellery by multiple brands.

Apart from the offer of these well known jewellery brands, you will have the best chance to find beautiful engagement rings in Dubai at the Gold Souk, by far the best place for finding and buying jewellery. The Gold Souk is found in Deira by the Dubai Creek. As it is the most favourite attraction of Deira, any taxi will easily take you there. If you would like to go on foot, choose to get off at Al Rigga or the Union Metro stations. Engagement rings in Dubai are very common and for sure you will find not only one but a lot of beautiful rings in Dubai and will have only hard time in choosing the one out of the many, which you will bring back home. Thanks to the web selling, you can choose among the most beautiful engagement rings also online on the websites of Samra, Taiba, Damas or Joyalukkas Jewelleries.

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