Diamond Jewellery Selection by Atlas

Dubai is a great country for all those who would like to buy high quality jewellery for the best prices and by far this great metropolis has the biggest offer of international jewellers, which means you need to browse for weeks if not months, if you want to see the collections of all the jewellers that count in Dubai. We would like to suggest you to check out on the irresistible collections of one outstanding jeweller in Dubai: the Atlas Jewellery. Atlas is one of the high profile well established Indian jewelleries that have set ground in Gulf Area in order to make their business prosperous. Atlas Jewellery is famous and very popular having its quality stores in every Gulf country. In Dubai, if you want to check out on some of the most beautiful {necklaces} or {rings}, you should not miss visiting one of the dozen brand stores of Atlas that are located in Dubai.

Atlas Jewellery features several outstanding collections of diamond jewellery, each one putting diamond necklaces on the first place in their collections. Let us learn a bit about these irresistible collections featuring some of the greatest diamond necklaces and sets in Dubai.

Calista: Featuring mainly, smaller yet elegant diamond pendants for necklaces and fitting pair of {earrings}, this collection is intended for everyday wear and serves perfectly as a present for special occasions. The designs of Calista are fine and held back; you can wear the pendants with various types of necklaces for a different effect. Its items are made of white and yellow gold, sometimes mixed up.

City of Gold: This is a unique small collection, with the idea coming from Atlas Jewellery only and exclusively: to create beautiful diamond pendants inspired by the city of Dubai, as being the City of Gold. You can buy the Burj Dubai and the Palm Jumeirah Island made out of gold and decorated with quality diamonds to wear on your necklaces.

Iris: This is a very sophisticated collection featuring necklaces and sets for special occasions. All items here are inspired by flowers; they are definitely for the women with romantic soul. The big necklaces work perfectly with a wider décolleté or on black silk or satin dresses.

Maahi: This collection features smaller yet highly sophisticated diamond heart shaped pendants coming in diverse colours with the help of using white and yellow gold in one item and applying coloured gemstones in others. Check out the detachable heart, which can be worn by two.

Syamanthaka: Crowning the collections of diamonds this collection is a must see for all lovers of jewellery, meant for the higher class and for special occasions, Syamanthaka features big necklaces made out of lots of gold decorated with diamonds in various outstanding shapes. This can serve perfectly as a wedding jewellery for the wealthier.

We hope that by representing the diamond collections of Atlas Jewellery we could inspire you to check out one of the dozen of the brand stores that can all be found in the downtown area of Dubai. The necklaces of Atlas are the items which are the most irresistible, but once you are inside the store of Atlas Jewellery, you may realised that beautiful necklace fit even better paired up with their fitting earrings!