Discover the Allure of Damas Jewellery Collections

Damas Jewellery is one of the largest jewellery and watch retailers of Dubai. The prominent jewellery group today owns more than 424 stores all around the Middle East currently opening its first stores also in Europe. Damas Jewellery is definitely a jewellery store to visit while you are in Dubai. Their stores bear the signs of high quality and best customer service.

Damas Jewellery once started from Syria, has grown out to be among the most prominent jewellery manufacturers and retailers in Dubai. No matter what type of jewellery you are looking for you will find it in the stores of Damas. Beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other sorts of accessories can all be found in their shops. The huge company very smartly has made a new strategy in order to attract the most customers. Their Les Exclusives stores contain the most beautiful, exclusive and expensive designs made out of gold, diamond and all sorts of precious gemstones. The Semi-exclusive stores offer a great variety of all sorts of beautiful gold jewellery in middle price category. This category is for the middle- upper class families and businesspersons. The 22K stores of Damas operate all around the city, aiming those whose budget is lower but still want to buy a beautiful engagement ring or other sorts of more economical jewellery for their beloved ones or for themselves. This random offers several local and other oriental brands, which suit the best to local flavour.

Next to being this large in retail, Damas also, operated Mono-brand stores of some of the brands of which it is the retailer. Damas Jewellery also deals with about 15 sorts of watches brands from the most expensive Vacheron Constantin and Parmigiani to the cheaper brands. Damas Jewellery does not only offer gold and diamonds. Check out their Mikimoto collections, which contain the best collections made out of South Sea pearls and for men’s jewellery check out the Baraka brands. Damas deals with so many local and international collections, which cover all sorts of tastes. When it comes to children or baby jewellery Damas can also offer some great brands. The oriental style of jewellery you can find in the Mantourah or Jawahar collections. Among the international brands the most beautiful jewellery can be found in the Annamaria Cammilli collections and the C for Roberto Coin collections, of course not exclusively. Damas Jewellery also offers all sorts of corporate gifts to its customers like pens and other sort of special gifts and also has several special collections, for example for Ramadan and the Big Eid and also it has several discount periods when they are the most worth visiting.

There is no big department store where you could not find at least one store of Damas Jewellery. They are simply everywhere. Naturally, they have a beautiful showroom also in the Gold Souk of Dubai, which is by far the most important place in Dubai to visit for getting the best quality cheapest jewellery. Do not hesitate to visit Damas Jewellery while you are staying in Dubai. For sure, you will see such unique designs that are worth remembering.

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