Diamond Necklaces by Damas

Damas Jewellery is one of Dubai’s oldest brands, offering the biggest numbers of local and international collections of high profile jewellery. In fact, Damas Jewellery in Dubai is so big, that it’s the only brand which decided to make three sorts of stores, depending on its customers actual budget. In Damas Les Exclusives, you will find the most expensive exclusive collections, in Damas Semi Exclusives, you will find all the precious collections, excluding haute couture and in the Damas 22K stores you will find the collections which are available for the biggest range of lower budget customers. Damas Jewellery has stores all over Dubai, multiple stores in the Dubai Mall and in the Dubai Gold Souk in Deira and it generates some of the highest incomes in the UAE.

Damas features 13 of its own and 11 international brands, each one having elite jewellery collections on offer. Damas Jewellery offers a great range of diamond necklace sets and collections out of which we would like to introduce you to the most beautiful and characteristic ones:

* Mantourah: This collection features beautiful diamond necklace collections with an oriental touch, made by yellow and white gold. Mantourah is Damas’s own brand.

* Spring: This is a lively and colourful collection featuring diamond necklace collections with the inclusion of different sorts of coloured gemstones as well. Spring is Damas’s own brand.

* Chiampesan: featuring white and yellow gold creations, the collection of Chiampesan is reclusive and sophisticated including sets, which you can also wear during the day. The emphasis in this collection is rather on the beauty of gold while they also contain white diamonds.

* Marco Bicego: the collections of Marco Bicego feature light jewellery. The beautiful diamond necklace sets which are most often multilayered and contain ultra-thin gold lines coming in pure form or decorated with diamonds.

* Fope: this overly elegant collection represents us with outstanding diamond necklaces made by multiple colours of gold. Fope represents also multiple collections and in case you are looking for a beautiful diamond necklace, make sure you see the great collections of Fope.

* Carrera y Carrera: this is an outstanding collection of unique jewellery. Carrera y Carrera represents exclusive and expensive collections of diamond necklace in multiple types and forms.

* Fulla: being designed rather for kids, Fulla indeed has colourful necklaces that contain diamonds, together with other coloured gemstones.

* OneSixEight: the newest precious diamond collection of Damas features beautiful white diamond necklace sets in its collection.

* Magerit: this collection includes the use of alternative stones and metals. It’s pendants are really famous.

* Fior: the exclusive diamond collection of Damas Jewellery includes outstanding diamond necklace sets and pendants.

* Boudoor: another outstanding collection made of yellow gold with a slight oriental touch and rich collection of diamond jewellery.

* Farashsa: Damas’s own brand Farasha features great collections of yellow gold jewellery, with the inclusion of diamonds.

* Hayati: featuring overly elegant yellow and white gold diamond jewellery, this is one of the most beautiful collections of Damas.

* Jawaher: this is the only collection of Damas featuring large diamond necklace sets that are decorated with fancy colour diamonds.

* Solitaire: One of the new brands of Damas, this collection features extreme quality Solitaire diamonds included in necklaces ad earrings.

* Cento by Roberto Coin: Roberto Coin is one of the most outstanding Italian jewellers who sell its collections with large success, assisted by Damas in Dubai.

We hope that we could represent you with the most outstanding diamond necklace collections available at the stores of Damas Jewellery. While you can look at these outstanding creations online, we suggest you to get on a plane to see their real beauty in person, while enjoying a great holiday in Dubai.

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