DKNY Watches That Won’t Break the Bank

DKNY represent a trendy and cheaper line in the world of luxury brands. Yet DKNY as Donna Karan New York represents high value and it is among the top fashion brands in the world, led by Donna Karan in the United States. Apart from being designer watches, the DKNY watches are fine quality watches with great sophisticated look that go with any dress and can be purchased by any generation.

DKNY is the young brand of Donna Karan who wanted to create a more economical line for teenagers and the young generations in order to make her brand more widely available all around the world. DKNY watches are younger than the clothesline; they are represented with other DKNY accessories like sunglasses and jewellery. A professional watchmaker team also known for FOSSIL watches makes DKNY watches. Fossil is a Texas based company, which gained professionalism though the purchasing of the old Swiss watch brand Zodiac. From then on, FOSSIL watches are made by the famous Swiss professionalism with the usage of the best materials for watches, making great, stylish and punctual watches for everyone. In case of any problem DKNY, watches have a warranty from FOSSIL for any of their wrong parts to be changed.

DKNY watches currently represent several styles but have no different line sort collections. The prices of DKNY watches range from USD 95 to the most expensive of their watch sold for USD 375. This latter is called White Full Ceramic Round Chrono and the Matte Black Round all Ceramic Chrono, the latter is for men. These watches have professional chronometers along with several other great features for explorers, travellers and sportsmen. DKNY watches finest items contain gold, white, yellow or rose gold as well, some of them looking more modern or extravagant just like the Gold Bangle W White Leather Insert watch for women, which looks like a great jewellery. As DKNY watches do not represent high value as the Swiss watches, they are not sold with the first class brands, but you can find them in Dubai in every Rivoli Watches stores operated by the Dubai Rivoli Watches group, which you can find in every Dubai shopping malls, from the huge Dubai Mall to the colourful Ibn Battuta Mall. You can also find DKNY watches in the Bloomingdales within the Dubai Mall and in the Saks Fifth Avenue in the BurJuman Shopping centre. DKNY watches are highly popular in Dubai for the young generations and for those who would like nice quality watches with a good strong brand name. In their outlooks, the DKNY chronograph watches look classy as any prominent Swiss watch.

When you are in Dubai, count on being able to buy DKNY watches for a much better price. It is because, in Dubai, you can haggle. The second reason is that the goods like DKNY watches are tax free in Dubai, so you will save a lot of money if you buy watches in Dubai. So do not hesitate to look around for great watches and other goods in Dubai.

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