Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park

Creek Park has an absolute ideal location in every way, so it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular parks all over Dubai. Creek Park or by its full name Dubai Creekside Park, houses lots of attractions and beauty on offer to all those who are eager to spend some time there.

As we can guess by its name, the park is situated by the Dubai Creek with the help of built-in extensions taken from the creek itself, been enlarged a couple of times. Now it lies on a huge area close to one hundred hectares in size, making it one of the biggest parks of Dubai.

When we are in Dubai, we will see that Dubai Creek houses most of the relaxing places, huge green areas and entertainment quarters in the centre of Dubai. Due to its flowing water, it is a great site for people to relax and feel good. By the Dubai Creek, we can find several resorts and golf courses as well. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Creek Park is a very attractive place for both locals and tourists all year long. Its transportation is also special as the water taxi of Dubai serves it giving a special feeling to the place.

Creek Park has several different areas in order to meet everyone’s needs. It has an own Sports Centre with various sport activities and pools, then comes the Children’s City of Creek Park. Another great entertainment centre for children of all ages contain several picnic and barbecue areas, green fields and dozens of fountains with lakes. Among its specialities, we must mention the Dolphinarium that is currently under construction, but promises to be ready within a short time.

As golf is gaining more and more fame in the Emirates, Dubai Creek Park has decided to create its own golf courses, having one course specifically for children with lessons as well, so that they can learn to enjoy this noble game in a systematic way. The Creek Park also owns a little ice-rink called Ice World where especially children can learn how to skate by attending one or more of the current skating courses. As part of the Creek Park, we must also mention the Dubai Wonderland complex, which is a specific theme park for children containing tons of games and dozens of attractions and activities, some even water based. Dubai Wonderland of the Creek Park is one of the biggest and oldest theme parks of Dubai. Within the Creek Park, there is also a cable car serving the visitors of the park to enable them to get to all parts of Creek Park faster. This is a great attraction for all the children to try.

As is the same with every green areas of Dubai, large energies have been spent to move tons of plants to the territory of Creek Park ranging from grass-bricks to thousands of palm trees. So Creek Park resembles to a little jungle in the desert! Whenever you get the chance to visit Dubai, do not hesitate to spend some great relaxing time in the Creek Park. Once you got inside, you will for sure spend a whole day there, enjoying its atmosphere among the countless facilities.

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