Dubai Desert Classic

Dubai Desert Classic is a yearly-held competition as a part of the European Golf Tour championship. In fact, it is the one and only Middle Eastern spot chosen to be part of the tour. Dubai Desert is world famous tournament held at a 6300-metre long par 73 18-Hole course. The tournament is held in the Emirates Golf Club on its Majlis championship course, with only two exceptions from when it was held in the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club.

Ever since Dubai got more recognition from the Nineties’, it started to develop a growing interest in golf. Golf is one of the best-known colonial games originating from the times of the British Empire. They realised how much success this game earned in the United States too. All the top businesspersons and politicians of the United States were also good golfers as a kind of a tradition. The golf courses were often spots used for important meetings. As soon as Dubai realised the power of golf, more and more golf fields started to be built all over the metropolis, in order to make it one of its speciality for all the foreigners living in Dubai, and also for the tourists as an extra.

Dubai Desert Classic was born in 1989 as one of the very first international competitions in which Dubai took an active part. The most successful player of the Dubai Desert Classic is the South African Ernie Els, who won the Dubai Desert Cup three times. Since then, Els has also settled in Dubai in the Emirates Hills complex called Els Golf Club as the designer and manager of his own club. Ernie who has been called “The Big Easy” because of his height and style, is also is a very important figure, actively taking part in the golf life of Dubai

Due to its sponsoring contracts, especially with the world famous watch brand Omega, the Dubai Desert Classic is today called Omega Dubai Desert Classic. According to the reports made on this course, this year it was won by a Spanish golf player named Alvaro Quiros, who has made one of the biggest comebacks in the history of Dubai Desert Classic held in February.

There is a 2.5 million USD reward to be divided into several parts between the first four players, where the first one gets the most money. The fourth player also gets a generous amount of money.

Right now, Dubai Desert Classic is one of the most attended championships by international public and media. Its players are all in the top league of golf, so their playing is really worth watching. If you are an avid fan of golf and you happen to be in Dubai, then by any chance during a Dubai Desert Classic tournament, do not miss the chance to see it, you might learn from the biggest of golf.

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