Dubai Exhibition City

Dubai Exhibition City is due to be one part of the Jebel Ali International Airport, the brand still not ready airport of Dubai, currently responsible for handling the cargo shipments arriving to and going out from Dubai. Although the Dubai Exhibition City was to host the Dubai Air show, there is no exact news if the event was really held over there or not, as according to the latest news the works on the project has been suspended due to the financial crisis.

The Dubai Exhibition City was to be a great project with extra large costs. It would be located on a 280 thousand square metres area and the main unique thing about it would be that it would host the world’s largest single-space which does not have any columns in its interiors. The project was intended to be built in different phases, but already the first phase has been stopped so the future of the Dubai Exhibition City is still unsure and there has been no recent information on the project. The whole project was due to be ready by 2020. The Dubai Exhibition City would contain 19 exhibition halls together with retail and office spaces. Other areas would include entertainment, hotel and restaurant entities.

The Dubai Exhibition City would have been one of the world’s largest of such cultural building. The main aim of the complex would be to host international fares, markets and trade–shows. With the idea of building just by the International Airport would have given a great opportunity for all guests who are targeted travellers with the single purpose to attend the events or shows held in the Dubai Exhibition City.

The whole complex was designed to be totally autonomic and self-sustaining with all the amenities, logistics and industrial areas of light-industry. Dubai Exhibition City was to provide great business and investment possibilities on an international level. The designer of the complex was the Cox Group, the designing company of the Singapore Expo and the Sydney Olympic Games sports facilities. The commercial segment was designed by Hopkins Architects, which made sure that the whole complex has an outstanding design, making the Dubai Exhibition City an alone-standing art piece. Dubai Exhibition City was also to host a shopping and entertainment boulevard in the centre of the complex.

The Exhibition City was to be supported by the nearby lying Dubai Exhibition World with all of its facilities, especially its luxury hotels. The whole road network around the Jebel Ali International Airport was designed by putting emphasis on the heavy improvement of traffic in the zone, enabling business guests to get to the either the Airport of the Port as quickly as possible.

Overall, seeing all great options the Exhibition City has to offer, we can do nothing but hope that this great cultural centre will be built in the near future. Dubai Exhibition City will be one great cultural centrepiece once it opens its doors to the international public.

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