Dubai Health Care Insurance

Dubai health care insurance has several aspects. First, you will need to do the obligatory tasks and then you can choose which Dubai healthcare insurance plans to have, if the employer does not provide it to you.

Dubai health care insurance has several steps to take in order to gain it. First of all everyone who wants to work in Dubai would need to get a Health Card, which is the first step towards the Dubai health insurance. The health card is not hard to get once you are in Dubai. First, you will need to have your employer already because you will need their attestation on your health card and visa process all the same. Then you will need to have two photos of you and the copy of your passport. The Health Card process currently costs about 510 Dirham, about AED 200 for all the medical checks and 310 for getting the Health card itself. You can get the Health Card medical check at any of the public hospitals of Dubai; the best choices are the Dubai Hospital the Rashid Hospital and the Al Wasl Hospitals. If you start the procedure, you will get your health card in a few days. It is a new regulation that foreigners arriving in Dubai or the UAE to work will need to have their home medical test papers with them as well. Once you obtained your Health Card and everything was in order, the renewal can be done even online, in return for a smaller fee. This is the first step for your Dubai health insurance.

If you hold your health card this means that you can have free medical treatment in most normal cases in every public hospitals of Dubai, which may mean additional costs if you will need to stay in the hospital for more than one overnight. Dubai takes steps to make its overall healthcare a “for-fee” system, which means that patients will be required to have either a Dubai health care insurance which day pay per month base or they need to pay for every medical service. The new regulations will also contain the criteria that all the employers need to cover the Dubai health insurance of their employees. This new system is scheduled to get started in 2012 and will be fully implemented by 2013.

This is good news for everyone who arrives in the country as employed by a Dubai based company. Although of course companies are not too happy about this change as this will mean many additional costs for them. Currently, there are several medical insurance companies in Dubai that offer several sorts of health insurance packages with additional services. They will also need to change their profiles once the new system is implemented and it is for sure that they will diminish in numbers. There will be options for the existing Dubai health care insurances to be transferred to be covered by the actual employer. Therefore, if you are to make your health care insurance now in Dubai, it’s wise if you go to such bigger insurance companies which for sure will not close down with the coming of the changes.

In case outside of the Dubai health care insurance you also own an international health care insurance, ask your insurance company well before your travel whether they cover your expenses also in the UAE or not really, or by limited amounts. The best is always to make sure about these things so that you do not get in trouble with high expenses later on.

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