Is It Important To Get Dubai Health Insurance?

Health insurance in Dubai is important when you want to work there and therefore you will need to get a residence visa. This process could be handled either by you or by your employer. As health insurance costs money try your best to get your employer to deal with it for you.

Now let’s see what health insurance is all about:
Health insurance from the point of view of Dubai serves as a guarantee that the person intending to stay and work in Dubai will serve the nation for a long time, is healthy enough to work and to earn money, therefore to pay for his or her needs which means business for Dubai. From another point of view anyone who arrives in the country might have some illness which is transmittable from the more serious to the less serious. With the health insurance Dubai and the UAE wants to do its best to avoid risks of these people spending time in Dubai. However health insurance is only for those wanting to stay longer than a month, in real the people who go out of their touristic bubble as with work mean the more danger to the locals.

So, everyone who wants to work in Dubai or for a Dubai based company which although has its offices abroad its employees will be required to enter Dubai several times, all will want their employees to conduct a full medical check upon which they get the health insurance which will be valid for a year and should be renewed with a whole new total check every year. It’s important to note here that the residence visa will be valid for 3 years, yet it will lose its validity if the yearly medical check is not done.

Many companies deal with the insurance check for their employers, which mean that they will pay for the process yet the employees will need to go one of the health care centres which is certificated to do the medical tests. Once you get your Health Insurance tests done in Dubai, you will get a Health Card, which will have a high importance, just like the National Security Number in the United States. The health card renewal though will not be as much as hassle to go through and can even be renewed online for more cases. Having your health insurance and your health card, from then on you will be entitled to receive free handling in the governmental hospitals of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. This means not that much in real because most of the good quality hospitals are the private ones which will make your own medical insurance and for which you will need to pay but mostly, getting the health card is an obligation from the state under which there is no exception.

First of all, you will need to get a copy of your passport, a letter from your sponsor who is mostly your employer, the copy of your visa application, two passport sized photos, the completed application form of the Ministry of Health for health insurance card. You will need to pay about 200 DHs for the examinations and another 300 DHs for getting your Health card. So it will cost you around USD 120-150.

You can make your medical tests for the Dubai health insurance at any governmental hospitals, namely the Dubai Hospital, the Al Wasl Hospital and other federal hospitals. The procedure takes a day and you will get the Health insurance card in a couple of days.
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