Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel

When you are in transit for more than 6 hours, then your ideas on price and cosiness suddenly start to change. Indeed, airport hotels like Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel are very expensive places but with a good reason. However, the service it gives is sometimes what called priceless. The hotel is located inside the Dubai International Airport right above the check-in gates. If you book it in advance online, then you can spare lots of money, and you will even have a host of the hotel escorting you with your baggage to the gate of the hotel.

Terminal hotels are not cheap but they offer something special: the cosiness. We were all in the situation when we had to wait long hours in the airport between flights. If there is an emergency because of weather conditions, this time will extend, resulting in the airport being full of passengers trying to sleep on what they have. This is an extremely bad condition and that is why the idea of Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel is great. The hotel can be paid for a minimum time of 6 hours, so take care with counting the rates, as they are not for a day stay or so. If someone is, destined wandering from shop to shop while waiting, this process will be both costly and tiring. The services and the rooms of the Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel are great and so are its rooms and its shower. The rooms are furnished well and the beds are great. For those who do not want to pay for 6 hours but solely come to get a shower, there is also chance to do so in the spa and health centre of the Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel costing around USD 14. You get towels and hairdryer too of course.

In case, you would like to take a nap with the shower, pay for 6 hours and you will have your room. Ensure to take some clothes that you might be changing to from your baggage as during your stay in the Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel, your baggage will not be with you and can’t be collected, so you will just have what you take on-board. Shop drinks and food in one of the nearby supermarkets though as the hotel’s minibar is very expensive, costing AED 300 for some small drinks and peanuts or go out to one of the nearby restaurants to eat out. There is also a Starbucks just facing the entrance of the hotel so the choices are limitless.

Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel is great if you have to wait over 4 hours but less than 24 hours. If you need to wait for more than a day, it is more worth going a bit further, where you can find cosy and great quality hotels with a chance to look around in the downtown of Dubai. The Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel is specifically for those who need to wait under 12 hours and want to spend this time in a good environment keeping them far from the stress of waiting at the airport. Moreover, you cannot sleep over as the reception of Dubai International Airport Terminal Hotel takes high care of waking you well on time before your departure.

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