Dubai International Boat Show

If you have seen photos or heard about the all-luxury lifestyle of Dubai, then you must also know more about its Dubai International Boat Show. Life in Dubai is great for the rich and is all about the super yachts and super cars. Definitely the owning of the highest quality vehicles has always played a very important role in the uptown life of Dubai. Dubai International Boat Show represents the best of the best, so it gathers high-class yacht owners and potential buyers from all countries and regions.

Dubai International Boat Show is one of the highly anticipated events of Dubai, held annually for twenty years now. Also, note that this show is also one of the oldest events held in Dubai. We all know that Dubai is all about luxury, so rich people of Dubai wants to have the very best quality of everything, no matter what the price is. For this reason, Dubai International Boat Show is like a film festival, gathering the richest people and yacht – lovers from all around the world.

We know that Dubai is a marine city dealing with extra high water traffic, both by means of cargo and public transportation. With the growing wealth of Dubai, it was natural, that yachts have started to appear in the marinas of Dubai in growing numbers. Having the best quality yachts not only symbolises the highness of social status, but also it has key importance when it comes to business. Representing the wealth has always had a leading role when talking about business and of course, Dubai is no exception. Today Dubai has the highest numbers of yachts owned by local citizens, in the world. All the famous yacht resorts represent themselves over here, together with all the top brands that come to exhibit their latest, newest wonders of yachts. That is why; Dubai International Boat show was born.

Dubai International Boat show is held every March, so the schedule of next year’s event can already be seen on the official website of the event. Dubai International Boat show is divided into more segments: Super-yacht and Supercar, you really cannot imagine what a wonderful collection they will exhibit over there. However, there is chance for everyone to visit the boat show.

Talking about the superb cars, Dubai is almost alone in the world when it comes to buying the “haute couture” of cars, such types out of which only 2 or 3 pieces are made exclusively for royal orders or sheikhs. When in Dubai, you can see such cars, which you will not see anywhere else in the world, especially in this number.

The exhibition of Dubai International Boat show is held at Mina Seyahi, which is close to Jebel Ali, already very popular of its water-sport possibilities. Mina Seyahi is also the base of Dubai International Marine Club, representing the colourful marine life of Dubai and organizing various connected events every year. You can see the details of entrance tickets and all its variations as well. Do not miss the chance to meet the richest people in the world!

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