Dubai Marina Mall

Dubai Marina Mall is the shopping mall of the brand new seaside skyscraper district of Dubai, the Dubai Marina. The Emaar Properties as part of the whole Marina complex developed the mall and as so, it is highly visited by the inhabitants, the workers and every tourist who stay in one of the hotels of the Dubai Marina. The Dubai Marina Mall is one of the newest shopping malls of Dubai; therefore, it is packed with all sorts of luxury brand stores too. Let us check out what we can find within the Dubai Marina Mall.

Dubai Marina Mall is a part of the huge Dubai Marina project, which has been one of the largest ever constructions in Dubai, concerning a complex solely for residence. The main vision of Dubai Marina was to create a living area that has direct connection with the water. On the other hand, Dubai also wanted to build the largest ever skyscraper jungle in the world, which of course done as planned with much success. There are already thousands living in the towers of the marina. The Dubai Marina Mall is one of the largest shopping mall, acting also like the base of Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina is on the Jumeirah Beach and done specifically for the reason to create the largest Marina of Dubai, together with the still constructed Motor Yacht Club, which is predestined to take over most of the water sports facilities, putting high emphasis on future races as well. Sports to be accommodated within the Dubai Marina will be including yachting motorboat and jet skiing. Dubai Marina will also contain some bigger lake-like gulfs, being ideal for swimming, bathing and some exercising of motorsports.

The main part of the Dubai Marina Mall is the Dubai Marina Mall Promenade that will give the best view to the sea. There will be cafés and restaurants to supply guests, with Dubai Marina Mall shopping centre, together with the five star Dubai Marina Mall Hotel and Residences and the Marina Plaza, which will be a tower as base of the complex. Within Dubai Marina Mall, there will be a large multiplex cinema and a theme park for the children too. A large parking area will support the mall as well. Dubai Mall will have covered walkways leading to the buildings of the Dubai Marina, so that one does not have to go outside even this time. Dubai Mall will offer a very wide range of all types of fashion clothes shops, toy stores and we could go on. The whole area of the Dubai Marina Mall is around 35 thousand square kilometres.

Dubai Marina mall’s constructor is Emaar Properties, the same as of the whole Dubai Marina project. The large mall, as we can see, will contain several types of attractions and facilities. There will be place for 170 shops and restaurants within the mall, which has officially opened last Christmas, with a great timing for the biggest spending-out of the year.

As Dubai Marina Mall is close to Jebel Ali and other important districts such as the Internet City, so a huge number of people working nearby by may come to spend time in the Dubai Marina Mall. So, if you happen to be in this great and running city, do not hesitate to visit Dubai Marina together with its Yacht club and mall.

Among the best luxury hotels of Dubai Marina, we can find the Sheraton or, the Le Meridien Hotels. The complex is also right next to Palm Jumeirah Island that makes it one of the most attractive sites for tourists who arrive in Dubai. Let us see the Dubai Marina Mall now. First, when you want to look up information about Dubai Marina Mall, do not forget always to add “Dubai” to Marina Mall, because Abu Dhabi also has a Marina Mall. The Dubai Marina Mall has an area of 390.000 square feet, which means that it is a middle-sized shopping mall. The mall was built with the reason of serving the residents of the Dubai Marina with shops and entertainment. The entertainment means also that this shopping mall has a great cinema complex inside. There are about 160 stores within the Dubai Marina and the whole shopping mall is along the main street of the complex, which is called Promenade. A huge part of the Dubai Marina serves catering reasons, and especially on its main side that borders the Promenade, Dubai Marina has lots of cafés and restaurants. The shopping mall also has its very own hotel, which is part of the complex, and it is simply called Dubai Marina Mall Hotel operated by the Address Hotel Group. The Cinema City of the shopping mall includes seven cinema rooms.

The shopping area of Dubai Marina Mall is also called Marina Plaza that offers all sorts of goods on 4 floors and also has two large hypermarkets on its first floor of Waitrose and Spinneys. The whole mall is open from 10 to 22.00H yet there are some stores, especially the cafeterias, which open earlier.

Talking about stores, Dubai Marina Mall houses such high profile brands as Byblos, Cole Haan, Diesel, Folle Follie, Guess, Karen Millen, Lacoste, Patrizia Pepe, Nautica and Rocco Barocco. The main streetwear stores include Monsoon, New Look, Quicksilver, Juicy Couture, Accessorize and Miss Sixty. As for cosmetics the Dubai Mall is the first to house Europe’s famou Body Shop, it also has Sephora, MAC, Yamamay and Via Roma perfumeries which offer a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes and make-up for their visitors.

When it comes to watches and jewellery, Dubai Marina Mall has a wide range of quality jewellery stores of Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons, Damas Jewellery the two best brands of Dubai and also offers a wide range of first class watches and jewellery at Hour Choice and Rivoli Watches.

Dubai Marina Mall is easy to find within the Dubai Marina. The Marina has two metro stops which are both close to the complex, yet it will not save you time as there is plenty of walking for visitors to get to the Marina on foot especially when it’s hot outside. You can also choose to go by taxi and there are some charter buses starting from downtown hotels taking tourists to various shopping malls, so you can get more information from your hotel or a tourist service in the downtown of Dubai, whethere there is one going to Dubai Marina too. The RTA Bus Nr. 8 goes deeper into Dubai Marina so it is best to take that one when you plan an excursion within the Dubai Marina.

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