Dubai Marine Beach Resort

There is a constant battle taking place between the world’s hoteliers, as they seek to turn out a hotel that will please all of the people all of the time. The fact of the matter is that such a thing is impossible, but still they try. Nowhere is this battle more in evidence than in Dubai – a city where the hospitality trade is vital and the visitors’ opinions are of absolute importance for hoteliers, restaurateurs and anyone else who has a service to provide. Some of the world’s biggest names have more than one hotel in the city of Dubai, and all of the big names have at least one. There are 400+ hotels in this city, and to be top of the tree among all of these is to achieve something that is as significant in its way as any award.

The Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa is a hotel that does not carry a big name, not that this puts it at a necessary disadvantage when it comes to attracting customers. In Dubai, word gets around to tell you which places are good and which are bad. The big name that is attached to several of the hotels in the city is no guarantor of quality, either, with some big names providing hotels that leave quite a lot to be desired. It is more important to pay attention to the words of past visitors, as the word of a trusted individual is to be given respect far above and beyond the word of a paid advertising company who are duty bound to say how great something is. It is on this kind of word-of-mouth support that Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa has become a real player in the hospitality industry.

One of the most noticeable things about the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa is its aesthetic beauty. From the outside and on the inside, its visual appeal is striking. Rather than a tower which dwarfs everything that stands nearby, the constructors have created a hotel that has balcony rooms and lower ground floor rooms, and is no higher than the average house anywhere around the complex. As a result, it is far less about beating you into submission with the sheer size of the hotel, and more to do with providing somewhere that feels welcoming and pleasant to spend your holiday in. the amount of free add-ons that you get, and their quality, is quite something to behold.

Rooms are spacious and scrupulously cleaned by the friendly, helpful cleaning staff (staff friendliness and efficiency is a major theme all over the complex), and there are three swimming pools of varying depths and appeals. One is best for enthusiasts, another for adults and older kids, and another for the younger holiday makers, which is watched over very closely by the life guards who miss nothing. The attitude at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort is very much attuned to allowing nothing to spoil your holiday – your enjoyment and comfort is the number one priority at all times.

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