Dubai Palm Island

Discover luxury living at Dubai’s iconic Palm Island. Enjoy stunning ocean views, exceptional facilities, and a range of activities. Find top-rated restaurants, world-class shopping, and luxurious resorts. Indulge in a little luxury and elevate your lifestyle on one of Dubai’s premier destinations. Escape to the Palm Island and live life to the fullest.

Dubai has partly gained its wide popularity due to its palm shaped islands. The first Dubai Palm Island called, Palm Jumeirah is already occupied and in operation. The island is especially popular for its unique shape and it is in the Guinness Book of World records as the largest manmade island in the world.

It was in the end of the Nineties’ with the power and money of Dubai on the peak, when the idea of three beautiful palm tree shaped islands on the sea begun to materialise in the head of the Sheikh and ruler of Dubai. The islands would bring multiple uses. First, they would make Dubai extremely famous by the media, which tourists and future inhabitants would follow. Then, each island would dramatically enlarge the total length of beaches in Dubai. Due to its extraordinary shape for an island, each island would bring a huge profit and it is worth making.

The first man made island, the Palm Jumeirah is ready with all the reordered and prepaid villas and one hotel namely the Atlantis the Palm. The success is still huge so the construction works of the second-biggest Palm Island started two year later, counting from the date when the construction of the first island had begun. Then came the recession with the overall financial crisis, when so many constructions had to be stopped or even cancelled in Dubai. The work with the next Dubai Palm Island had also been put on halt for a while. The building of the third and biggest palm shaped island could not even really start.

The construction works are executed by the Nakheel Properties, which is said to have direct links to the Sheikh of Dubai. Nakheel was the developer of lots of time-changing buildings all around Dubai. The success of the Palm Jumeirah is still great, receiving hundreds of tourists daily. Its huge hotel, the Atlantis houses one of the best water parks in the city and this gives a lot of extra attention to the island too. Not long ago, the monorail, which is to carry passengers to and from the island, has started its operation, making the lives of all those new locals already living in the island far more easily to live.

There are rumours about the Dubai Palm Island, together with The World complex telling that these artificial islands, as they were built on sand, are sinking very slowly. There were also actual measures mentioned accordingly. Nakheel had to cut back on costs several times, which is why the villas on the island are right next to each other, having only a very small garden and private beach part.

The third Palm Island, namely the Palm Deira will be ready soon. It will be the largest of the entire three islands. The shape of the islands is date palm tree, out of religious reason. Within the second island, Palm Jebel Ali, there is also an Arabic writing that can be seen on the water, taken right out of the Holy Koran saying that even the incredible is possible sometimes. It is really worth visiting the one Dubai palm island, which is ready by now. Moreover, let us wait to see how the rest Dubai islands will look like.

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