Dubai Travel Pass

If you plan to go around Dubai in the cheapest and the smartest way, then you ought to buy a Dubai Travel Pass, called Terhaal so that you can come and go, using metro, buses and waterbuses, which are by far the best ways to go around the town. Dubai Travel Pass scheduled to start selling from the beginning of 2011.The Roads and Transport Authority had the notion to make travelling on public transportation much cheaper and easier in the region, not to mention its marketing value, regarding the Dubai Metro.

The transportation system of Dubai has had reconstruction heavily since the Nineties, when Dubai came to realise its touristic potentials, and from then on started to make heavy efforts with large constructions, in order for people to come or to move to Dubai. The arrival of thousands, then hundreds of thousands of visitors made Dubai realise, that it is time to do much more, about the public transportation system, which until that time included only some bus and mainly taxi transportation. There are many who do not want to rent a car and as Dubai is difficult to go by car, the public transportation had to be re-developed totally.

The first big step toward the improvement of public transportation was to implement hundreds of new, air-conditioned buses to make the bus transportation much easier. The building of Dubai Metro, the very first metro-line in the history of the Middle East, meant that Dubai has stepped into a new level as a city, and had become a metropolis. Right now, the Red and Green Lines are operating, covering most of the famous sites.

If the other four metro lines are also ready, it will mean that Dubai Metro will be able to handle at least the half of the total passenger traffic within the city. This is a great achievement of Dubai. Together with the Dubai Metro arrived the tickets, and all the hassle of buying tickets for different lines, ways, and the lack of information will go away. The arrival of Dubai Travel Pass, Terhaal is a great step toward the tourism-specialized city, which Dubai has always wanted to be.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), which is responsible for the traffic of Dubai, tries hard to disencumber the roads from the very heavy traffic, encouraging people for trying to use public transportation instead. Therefore, based on the offers of Western countries, they have decided to implement the Dubai Travel Pass, Terhaal, which will enable one to use public transportation without much hassle.

You can buy a one-day Dubai Travel Pass if you plan to go for sightseeing around Dubai, as its price is only 14 Dirham. If you buy a Dubai Travel Pass, Terhaal, you will also get a tourist information package with lots of useful information on Dubai, transportation and sites to visit. There is also a Nol Silver Card giving a 10% discount for many services, not only transportation. The main plan of RTA is to make Dubai Travel Pass, Terhaal purchasable online, so that one will not need to stand in rows to buy it. Currently, there is no news if you can buy Dubai Travel Pass, Tehraal online or not.

Therefore, if you plan to spend a busy day sightseeing in the downtown of Dubai, then hop on a Metro or a bus, so that you can effortlessly go anywhere they take you. Moreover, buy a Terhaal that will enable you to travel for a day. Let us keep hope that soon the weekly pass will have implementation too. However, until then, even a one–day Dubai Travel Pass can save you a lot of time and money. It is much better choice than renting a car or going by taxi.

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