Elegant & Timeless: A Look at Dubai’s Gold Bangles

Women are fond of beautiful dresses, new styles, fashion and jewellery – most liked is the gold jewellery. Arab women usually wear jewellery like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, chains, and bangles. Gold bangles are part of traditional jewellery of Arab women. In the Middle-East, it’s very important and necessary for married women to wear gold bangles as they are the sign of matrimony. There are many traditional beliefs in the Middle-East, which revolve around the bangles. In Dubai, you’ll find thousands of gold outlets which are proudly present the gold jewellery items like necklaces, bracelets, chains and bangles.

There are different kinds of bangles women wear like glass bangles, brass bangles, silver bangles, and gold bangles etc. Gold bangles are most expensive of all and mostly the married women wear them. There is boundless range of bangles available in gold jewellery shops in all over the world but Dubai is most popular gold centre.

Gold bangles of Dubai attract women of all the regions and languages. When they visit Dubai, they buy pair of gold bangles, which considered as the sign of charm and proud. Women mostly wear gold bangles to show their wealth and status. Every woman want to wear most expensive and unique designed gold bangles which is never wore by any other woman. This wish urges the woman to buy gold bangles from Dubai because the gold prices are comparatively less and gold quality is finest that any other country.

There are varieties of unique designs and pattern of gold bangles available in Dubai jewellery shops. Dubai is the major international centre of gold jewellery therefore there are about thousands of shops offering the best jewellery items in gold, silver and even in platinum stuff but gold jewellery items are their specialty. Dubai is also called the most fashionable and customary place for gold jewellery items in all over the world. There is unique variety of gold items available in the gold market called “Dubai Gold Souk”.

There are very amazing and wonderful designs of gold bangles available in the gold markets of Dubai city. Women are so fond of gold bangles and age does not matter about wearing gold jewellery items. Hey always wish to wear most unique and expensive gold jewellery items like necklaces, chains, earrings, rings, bracelets, and gold bangles.

Gold bangles are studded with precious pearl, gems and also with diamonds. Gold bangles also come in rhodium polish. Now a day gold jewellery items are also available in different decent colours like pink, green, red, blue, purple, white, and many other unique colour combinations. There are hundreds of gold shops available in Dubai which specifically manufacturing the gold bangles.

The expert jewellery craftsmen design these bangles in amazing styles and patterns. You have choice to buy readymade bangles or you can order the bangles of your own choice, pattern, colour and design. Indian, Italian, Singaporean, Arabic and antique designed gold bangles are available in Dubai in much affording prices but in finest quality.
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