Emerald Necklaces – The New Trend

Emerald is one of the unique gemstones in the world, having a distinctive green colour to come with it. Emerald is as famous as a pricy gemstone that there is a shade of green called Emerald. Having high value and distinctive outlook, most of Dubai’s jewellers work with emerald and include them in several or some of their collections. In this article we would like to explore where we can find the most outstanding emerald necklaces in Dubai. Let us start our exploration with a little bit of explanation about emerald.

Emerald is a precious gemstone, which originates from South America where it is still mined in the largest quantities. Thanks to its mystical green colour that makes the stone look mysterious, emerald has always been a very tempting gemstone for women, when it comes to jewellery. Due to its darker outlook, Dubai jewellers do their best to create such sort of emerald necklaces and other art pieces where emerald is exposed in such ways that it does not seem that dark. Therefore, we can see emerald with white gold jewellery that makes the stone somewhat brighter as well. Fine example to this you will find in the collection of Samra Jewellery, which is especially famous for its outstanding white gold-diamond collections.

Emerald is a highly expensive gemstone; and if it is from high quality, do not forget that emerald, as many of the coloured gemstones is often faked. Therefore, buy only at trusted Dubai Jewelleries that have some outstanding collections of emerald necklaces. These brands include Damas Jewellery, Al Liali Jewellery, Joyalukkas Jewellery, Atlas Jewellery, Mahallati Jewels, Samra Jewellery. You will find the stores of these brands everywhere in the city, especially in the Dubai Gold Souk where all sorts of quality jewellery is sold in the highest numbers. Yet, before you do so, plan to learn some more information about the nature of these beautiful stones.

If you have the financial resources, you should not miss to check out on the alone standing collection of Devji Aurum, which is one of Dubai’s very best and the maker of Dubai’s most unique jewellery. Debji Aurum , Mahallati features emerald necklaces containing one biggest stone only! At Atlas Jewellery, you can find great, traditional Indian style emerald necklaces mixed with ruby for the more colourful effect,

Brands such as Al Liali concentrate on emeralds other side, namely for it being one birthstone as well. This precious green stone is the birthstone for May, more interestingly it is the birthstone of May in every religion’s or regions locals. Some others are tempted to buy emerald for being also an astrological stone for multiple astrological sites. At Al Liali or Farah Jewellers, you can also design the style of jewellery for you the most easily.

Most of the upper-enlisted jewelleries have branches either at the Deira Gold Souk or at the Dubai Mall’s very own gold Souk, where you will find each sorts of outstanding jewellery that is decorated with emerald. Emerald necklaces and necklace sets are some of the most beautiful in the world.

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