Emirates Towers Boulevard

If you want to see an expensive place, then you should not miss visiting the Emirates Towers Boulevard, which in real is smaller than a shopping mall, we could rather call it a shopping lane as such. Yet, contrary to the fact that it is small, you can really spend fortunes within the Emirates Towers Boulevard.

Emirates Towers Boulevard is part of the huge Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel that occupies half of the twin towers of Dubai called Emirates Towers. The area of the hotel is good for businesspersons as it is only a few steps away from the huge World Trade Centre. Therefore, most of the exhibitors or those businesspersons who take part in any event held within the World Trade Centre of Dubai come to stay in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers right away, to spare the time with travelling day by day and to enjoy the luxury services and the great view of the hotel.

Emirates Towers Boulevard is a real luxury place, designed for those to spend money here, who can definitely afford doing so. This place aims the wealthy businesspersons and their wives to shop here. From accessories to jewelleries, you can find some of the most elite brands in the world in the Emirates Towers Boulevard. The shopping centre also features the hippest bars and cafes that are open day and night in order to accommodate the wealthy ones. The Boulevard is located right in the area that makes an aisle between the two towers, this way also connecting them so we could also call the area of Emirates Towers Boulevard a great looking luxury trespass paired up with a podium in order to give more space for its shops and catering entities. Even the outlook of the Boulevard is luxurious; everything is shining and looks extremely modern.

Within the shopping mall, there are several multi brand stores, especially when it comes to rare elite jewellery brands and accessories, so do not hesitate to look around in more of them in order to find the brand you are looking for. Featured top brands of the Boulevard include Cartier, Damas les Exclusives, Rivoli, Bvlgari and many more. Out of the fashion brands, you can find here elite labels as Lanvin and Rodeo Drive and Chloe and as mentioned before, there are several multi-brand stores that feature multiple first class brands here such as Frou Frou.

For men there are cigar parlours and multiple men’s fashion stores such as E. Zegna. There are chocolate stores within the mall and a pharmacy just in case. There are stores for Arabic-Islamic wear for both men and women. An alone standing aspect of the Emirates Towers Boulevard is its great possibilities for one to get the perfect grooming with multiple cosmeticians, hairdressers, beauty and fitness salons located in the area of this Dubai mall. This can come very handy in case of a business meeting or a longer conference as much as the fitness rooms of the Emirates Towers Boulevard that are often used by the residents of the hotel.

Emirates Towers Boulevard also held special events such as exhibitions and other art related performances in its area. While stores are open until 22.00H, the bars are usually closing much later. As said above, the Emirates Towers Boulevard is a very exclusive place so entrance in swimming dress or beachwear may be refused right away. If you aim to visit this shopping area, you must dress for the success.

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