Fancy Yellow Tiffany Diamond

If someone asks about the most popular brand of jewellery from the US, the answer must be Tiffany. The popularity of the brand has been so internationalized. When someone owns even only one product of the brand, he or she can proudly say that to the other people that he or she is the owner of that very famous brand of the world. From the business side, the company is very famous to hold the highest percentage of income in the jewellery industry. It is not surprising since most of the world’s jewellery enthusiasts are very crazy about this brand.

The golden age of Tiffany is pioneered by its establishment back in 1873. Two genius jewelers, Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Yound, built the empire of the brand from small stationery and fancy store. The showroom was built in Manhattan, New York, which now becomes the headquarter of the giant company. The humble history of the brand’s establishment alone will not be able to explain the very bright future of the company nowadays. The company now becomes the hugest North American business. It settles its own social foundation to support the area’s development. There are so many charity events which are organized and funded by the brand; even it initiates the private award under the name of Vince Lombardini Trophy for the group of Super Bowl that is able to gain the victory in the NFL, each year. There are still a lot of activities managed by the company outside the US and all of them are forms of the company’s social contribution to the world.

Even a giant empire of business like Tiffany will not be able to hold on its business straight if it does not have something valuable to its consumers. Hence, the company always tries to give the newest innovation and creation in every occasion. It is not surprising that this effort have brought the company’s products to the “trendiest” collection of jewellery in many seasons. Diamonds are the gravity of every brand’s costumers. The experts work hard under the umbrella of the company to analyze, design, and manufacture the diamonds in such a majestic shape that will attract any witnesses of the stones. The symbol of the hard work is the giant -128.54 carats – 25.71 g Fancy Yellow Tiffany Diamond, which is exhibited in the Headquarter of the company in Manhattan. The other luxurious products of the company cover nearly all kind of jewellery for private collections, gifts, and special moments. From earrings to pendant and from rings to necklaces; every piece of Tiffany’s collection is worthy more than it meets the eyes.

Dubai that becomes the place in which diamonds and the other beautiful jewellery gather proudly welcomed Tiffany to open its first store and Middle Eastern headquarter. As Dubai has the most jewellery brands and showrooms in the world, the company gives the responsibility for the Dubai headquarter to handle the flow of the business, not only in the Middle East, but also in Turkey, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and India. The strategic position and status of Dubai give so many advantages for the company to widen its wings to the entire international marketplace.

All collections, from the traditional to modern collections, are available in very exclusive display and service, of each showroom. The adorable products hold the fashionable and durable characters of the brand. The manufacturing process involves the most excellent selected materials to make your favorite jewellery lasts forever. Experience the most professional staffs in the store that will give you friendly guide to enrich your collection or to give special surprise for her or him. Look for the nearest showroom of Tiffany Dubai. These are the places in Dubai, in which you can find the magnificent collection of the brand: The Atlantis Palm Hotel, the Dubai Mall, and the Emirates Mall. With the advance of Dubai as a provider of every nice jewellery brand in the world, the number improvement of the brand’s stores is just a matter of time. Many nice offerings from Dubai stores increase the satisfaction of the brand’s customers. Of course that is only one out of many convenient things you can get from jewellery shopping in Dubai.

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