Jewels at The Mall of the Emirates

Dubai is one of the most modern and one of the fastest expanding cities in the world. It is a place that is always full of life and teeming with activity, and you will come to realize that it is a city that has a life of its own. Dubai is a city that is also known by another name – the ‘City of Gold’ because of the number of gold and jewellery shops that you see here. There are a number of places in Dubai that you will find interesting, captivating, and bubbling with activity. And, one such tempting place here in Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates.

The Mall of the Emirates can be described as one of the most alluring and incredible of all the shopping malls of Dubai, and it definitely is quite an impressive one. It is one of most exciting of the shopping destinations and one of the greatest attractions in Dubai. This mall which is the largest shopping mall in the Middle East boasts of an area of approximately 6.5 million square feet, with 2.4 million square feet of shopping area. It also has a 14-screen movie theatre, a gaming arena, a drama theater, and more than 1200 shops. You would be interested to know that Ski Dubai, which is the first indoor ski resort of the Middle East, is to be found in this mall. Do you know that excluding North America, this is the largest mall in the world?

Walk into the Mall of the Emirates, and you will find an amazing collection of stores dealing in various types of goods and services. You will see shops dealing in branded designer wear, toys, furniture, electronics, books, jewellery, shoes, accessories, and anything else that you can think of.

And, for your dining pleasure, the Mall of the Emirates has provided you with a number of options. The Food Court has so many cafes, restaurants, eateries, and ice-cream parlors that it is difficult to count their number. One thing is for sure that you can go home from the mall a very satiated and contented person!

When you step into the Leisure & Entertainment Zone, you would definitely forget your main idea of coming to the Mall of the Emirates – shopping. You would soon lose yourself in Ski Dubai, Magic Planet, or find yourself taking in a movie at the Cinestar Cinema.

But, what would really astonish and surprise you is the number of jewelers and jewellery shops that can be found in the Mall of the Emirates – and the numbers can really leave you floored. Some of the well known gold and jewellery shops that can be seen in this mall are:

• Al Fardan Jewels & Precious Stones
Al Futtaim Watches & Jewelry
• Al Laili Jewelers
• Carrera Y Carrera
• Asprey
Damas Jewelers
De Beers

Step into the Mall of the Emirates and you will realize that this is not just another mall – it is something much more. And, you are at a loss of words to describe it. Well, one thing is for sure – the Mall of the Emirates is something special.

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