Financial Services in Dubai

Dubai Finance service holds extreme importance in not only the socio-economical condition of the Middle Eastern countries but also in the worldwide finance market. The market is obviously regulated by the investment preferences of the major investors. There are various types of finance services available in Dubai, which includes private sector bank investments, insurances, stock market investments and obviously the real estate. Now it depends on the global financial condition, which one of these finance services will reach the top. However, in the long term your investment through the Dubai finance services will prove to be profitable.

Reasons of huge growth in Dubai finance market
Here is a small piece of information for you. Among the global 500 companies, about 139 MNCs have stepped into the finance market of Dubai and this expansion plan has proven beneficial from all aspects. In terms of profit, the margin has increased few folds for about nine lucky companies and the others are not in a bad condition. This is why more small and large entrepreneurs are taking interest in Dubai investments. The only thing that is important before making any investment is documentation. If all the documents are in place then you will surely shine with the rising finance market. The security of the investments is absolutely assured as the organized environment facilitates quick profits. The additional benefits include absence of corporate taxes, trade impediment, income taxes and easy repatriation of the invested capital.

Scopes for the individual real estate investors
Along with the big corporate investment opportunities, the individuals who would like to invest money in the Dubai finance market often receive a warm welcome. Numerous foreign professionals are flocking to Dubai for service purposes. Although they come here to work for a short or long time but the investment scopes, entice them to buy financial products. They are free to make investments with the private banks, which are perfectly tenable and provide excellent returns. The real estate market in Dubai is thriving gradually. The local residents earn a lot from the rental apartments and they invest the earning in other financial products. Moreover, Dubai has proven to be a great place to reside and the trends show that the property price always rises. Therefore, these investments give excellent yield in the long run.

Stock investments in Dubai
Dubai financial market, the stock market of Dubai was established in the year of 2000 and the local companies were listed there for the first few years. However, its growth gained speed during 2004-2005. There are two sections of the DFM, which are “Trading section” and “Settlement and Clearance section”. In order to become an investor in the DFM you will need to submit two forms “Investor number form” and “Account opening form”. There are a number of brokers, who will assist you throughout the process of buying good stocks and selling them off at the proper time.

Government initiatives to improve the Dubai finance market
The UAE government has always maintained an investor-friendly approach. In order to make the Dubai finance Market the most secured investment hub for the individuals and companies, the government is putting serious effort in its improvement. The trading environment is simply outstanding and the investment options are unique here. The investors are no more limited to the surrounding Muslim countries. People from all over the world have noticed the prospects and this has instigated sheer interest in them.

Hence, it is expected that the Dubai finance market will surely live up to the investor’s expectations and many other countries like America will grasp the facilities offered by the Dubai Government.

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