Flora Grand Hotel Dubai

Dubai is already being talked about as one of the main cities for tourism and business throughout the world, among a small and exclusive band of rivals which have been dominating the scene since early in the last century. In being the new kid on the block, Dubai has a challenge all of its own to live up to – how to emulate the other cities in terms of success without consciously copying what they do. Among the advantages that the city can claim there is the fact that Dubai has weather all the year around that equates to summer temperatures in the West. This is important to many holiday makers, who among all the other elements of a classic summer holiday will always be keen to fit in a bit of sunbathing. In New York in February, sunbathing is not going to happen. In Dubai it’s eminently possible.

The area in which Dubai is situated makes it just perfect for the summer sun worshipper who cannot get away from work in the summer and needs to rely on a break at another time of year. Whatever the weather may be where you live, chances are that it is hotter and sunnier in Dubai. And if you find all the heat a bit too much, the hotels are all air conditioned, providing a haven, an oasis from the pounding heat for any holiday maker who just wants to take some time out to relax. The tourism industry has grown recently in Dubai not least because there are so many people keen to find out what its new reputation is all about. This means that hotels in Dubai need to be uniformly excellent. It is a challenge, but one that they find they can live up to.

Flora is a hotel chain that has become prominent in the last few years, and is based in the Middle East. This enables them to call on a high level of knowledge of the area in order to provide the service they feel their customers deserve. Often, with the popularity of a city such as Dubai, the larger hotel companies feel that all they need to do in order to bring in tourist dollars is consciously ape what they have done in their hotels in their home country. The simple fact is that doing this is not good enough – this may be a style that is popular in other countries, but it is not a “one size fits all” matter. In Dubai, things are different from how they are in New York, Tokyo or London, so the hotels need to be different too. Making sure that standards of comfort and quality are lived up to is far more important.

What visitors to the Flora Hotel in Dubai will find out for themselves is that the level of service does not just demonstrate a keenness to please nor simply a basic understanding of what is expected. It shows that they treat each customer exactly as a customer should be treated – with respect, kindness and an unremitting desire to provide the absolute best experience possible on their holidays. This is something that cannot be overestimated in terms of importance. It is why the Flora Grand Hotel Dubai has visitors who return time and again in order to repeat the experience – they know that they are guaranteed to have a holiday that will be fondly remembered.

Address: Al Rigga Rd, Deira,Near Al Rigga Metro Station – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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