Visit Géant Hypermarket in Dubai

Géant Hypermarket located at the Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall in Dubai, is currently the only one store of the brand that makes it even more attractive to visit for a good shopping tour. Géant Hypermarket is a shopping centre specialized to sell groceries, fruits, meat, vegetables and all the rest, which an everyday shopper `might need. In a culture that is still concentrated on home-prepared meals, Géant is a great place to go.

Géant Hypermarket is one of the oldest supermarket brands of France, which today is an international brand having stores in many countries and continents. Géant Hypermarkets are famous for their quality and their big variety of offers. One Géant sells around 65,000 different sorts of goods, all necessary for shopping in a good family household.

In addition, Géant Hypermarket has a great central location, within the huge and beautiful Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall, which can be found by the old Souk station of both buses and water taxis nearby, by the Dubai Creek meeting with the sea of Persian Gulf. Ibn Battuta shopping mall is very famous for its colorful offer of shops and buildings, having five main quarters dedicated to five different countries and cultures.

Géant Hypermarket was first established back in 1901 in France and for many years now, the concern is part of the Group Casino Corporation. By the time of this cohesion, Géant Hypermarket had already set up its rules on overall quality expectations that make it fit into the other international hypermarket brands. Shopping at any Géant around the world delivers the same quality-quantity experience.

Géant was eager to open its hypermarkets in diverse countries. In the Middle East, Géant had first opened in Bahrain, followed by Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The success of all Géant Supermarkets was great in all these countries; however, the stores located in Saudi Arabia have been sold in 2009 to become hypermarkets of the Panda chain instead. One Géant consists of different sections, following the outlook pattern of most international hypermarket: cosmetic section, household section, electronics section, sports section, fruit and vegetable section, grocery section, dairy products, meat and butchers section, bread and other pastries.

For the establishment of Dubai’s Géant Hypermarket, the Fu-com company made an agreement with Group Casino, so due to this step in 2005, the very first Géant Hypermarket opened its doors to the public ready for shopping there. The Géant Hypermarket has a shopping area of 11 thousand square meters, which brings the necessity to employ more than three-hundred person in order to form the active staff.

When you are in Dubai, the Ibn Battuta Shopping Mall is must-visit sites for you anyhow, so once you are there, do not forget to drop in to the famous Géant Hypermarket, especially if you rent an apartment or plan a longer stay. However, outside of this, Géant Hypermarket has many promotions, for electronic devices and other products that you might need urgently, so keep that in mind for later.

Dubai is a beautiful city, one the most modern cities of the world. It is known worldwide as a tourist resort. People from all over the world visit this wonderful city in great numbers. Recent census in Dubai gives a strange fact that it has a population of more than fifty percent, which belongs to other nations. Big investors in Dubai spend heavily on mall and markets. Dubai is one of those cities that have the biggest chain of super and hypermarkets. Geant hypermarket is also a part of this chain. It is a famous market of Dubai. It is an international entity, which is incorporated in Dubai in 2005. It was established with the efforts of Fu-com and Groupe Casino. Groupe Casino is a French hypermarket. They have a very big setup in France. Now they are seriously focusing in Middle East countries.

Their several projects are in progress in Dubai. Groupe Casino is a professional group. They have great expertise in hypermarket operation. Their widely experienced staff is working day and night for the well being of this firmly established group. First Geant Hypermarket was established in Bahrain in May 2001. Now they have hypermarkets in China, Brazil, USA and Great Britain.

The best thing about Geant Hypermarket is the customer friendly and peaceful atmosphere created in the premises of the shopping centre. It is open and spacious. Cleanliness is always their top priority. The mall is heavily guarded with professional commandos. A very strict checking is made on regular intervals. Security cameras are also installed in various locations. Geant Hypermarket remains open six days a week. Friday is an official holiday in the Middle East. The mall is constructed on 13,000 square feet. It is a symbol of international brand. Only branded products are traded in the market. Geant Hypermarket has more than 40 outlets and approximately 250 staff members are employed in the market. Owners and management are planning to extend their business in other areas of Dubai. It is also included in their plan to enhance the premises of the market.

Over 65,000 branded products are traded in the Geant Hypermarket. You can find everything of your choice. Grocery items, clothes, bags, shoes, sandals, electronic appliances, kitchen ware, household items, etc are available in the market at very decent prices. Restaurants and cafes are also incorporated in the premises. People can enjoy dining with their friends and families in a beautiful and soothing environment. A single mosque is also established in the market. Proper washroom facilities and water coolers are also installed. You can also enjoy ATM facilities here. Beautiful and widely opened parking facilities are also made available for general public in the premises of Geant Hypermarket. It is a beautiful venue for personalized shopping.

Geant hypermarket has a very good reputation in the market. They are renowned for customer friendly services. Their actual address is Ibn Battuta Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They are also available on telephone, at +971-43685858.

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