Get The Best Diamond Jewelry in Dubai

If you need the best diamond, go for jewellery shopping to Dubai. Diamonds are normally classified for quality according to their color, clarity, cut and carat. Clarity is concerned with the diamonds purity, it refers to the diamonds flawlessness. Most diamonds are white or clear at first sight, and have slight brown and yellow shadings, the colorless diamond is the most valuable. The weight of a diamond is measured by a carat.

Larger diamonds are more valuable but before looking at the weight the first qualities that are looked at are clarity, cut and color. The weight of an average diamond is from .03 carats to around 1.25 carats. A carat contains 100 points. In order to turn the diamonds into a beautiful gem for jewellery, they have to be cut. Cutting of a diamond is a craft and there are people who have specialized in the cutting of the diamond. Cutting also refers to the shape of the diamond. There are different shapes used to cut diamond and it is up to you to choose which one suits your needs.

Dubai has been referred to as the “shopping capital of the Middle East”. There is the Dubai Shopping Festival held every year which lasts for a month. During this festival you can find almost every items including diamond jewellery on discount prices. That is why it is the best place to go for shopping.

Where to go for diamond jewellery shopping in Dubai? There are various places where you can buy beautiful jewellery products made by gold, silver and diamonds, these places include:

• Dubai diamond jewellers who are known for combining tradition and modern innovation in order to offer its customers the best quality diamond at a good price. There are common local jewellers like Himat, Taiba, Samra and Damas. They all have a unique kind of diamond to offer. They also have excellent set of jewels to offer for celebrating the holy month of Ramadan.

• The popular and well known trader of loose diamond is Zainal Jewellery. You can also find their jewellery products at the Dubai Gold Souk. The demands for loose diamonds are normally from the rich families and the other jewellers.

• The shop of KGK Diamonds Dubai where you can find the best certified diamond for coloring your day. If you are from China, South Africa, Russia, China, Dubai or India you need not to go far in order to get beautiful diamonds because with KGK Diamonds you are guaranteed finesse and quality.

• At DTA Diamonds Dubai you can find the affordable diamonds that you have always wanted. They are known for offering various collections of diamond jewellries. The company attracts different customers who are looking for high quality diamond without having to spend a lot of money.

• If you need to go for exotic diamonds then go for Desert Diamonds Dubai. They come in different colors and shapes. You can wear their jewellery sets on any occasion.

Dubai is known for the best diamond jewellery. If you want to buy good jewellery for your wife or girlfriend consider going to Dubai. The Dubai Mall has the worlds largest Gold Souk with around 220 retailers. If you go to the Dubai Mall’s jewellery section you will find popular international and local jewellery brands.

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