Getting Medical Insurance in Dubai

Medical insurance is an obligatory procedure for everyone who intends to stay and work in Dubai. This is a must, which causes some negative feelings in many employees and employers yet there is nothing to do about it. Medical insurance procedure doesn’t take a long time to be done and will cost you about AED 500. Let’s see now why you need Medical insurance and how can you get it?

Medical insurance causes not a little confusion for many expatriates and that international workforce who intends to go to Dubai to work yet they are held back by the visa and medical insurance requirements. Most expatriates already have their own medical insurance model and they think its not too good to pay for another medical program. Yes the medical insurance serves as a nice way of income for the Dubai government and also this closes out the employment of all those, who have some illness which is transmittable or by any chance terminal. The medical insurance procedure will cost AED 500 for you and you can make it at any governmental hospitals of Dubai. These are about 4 of these hospitals yet the process is not hard.

You will go through blood tests and some X-Ray tests in order for the hospital to declare whether you are entitled to have your Medical insurance along with your health card. The health card you will get in a couple of days, following the tests. In case you are not sure and feel worried that any tests would bring an unwanted outcome, then it’s better and safer to get the tests done at home to make sure, that you will get accepted in Dubai too. The main infections Dubai concentrates on include Hepatitis C, TBC or AIDS. These are procedures which are in big need especially for the huge number of workers arriving from the poorest regions of Asia or even Africa, where these illnesses are really no rare in many cases.

If you have a generous employer, then he will pay the costs of the medical insurance for you. With the medical insurance, you will be entitled to get free medical care in one of the governmental hospitals in Dubai. This is a namely service in real, as most expats will be visiting the Dubai Medical City or the American Hospital which has its own programs costing a monthly or yearly fee for their medical programs. In order to make the application for the Dubai Medical Insurance to get the health card all you need to do is to visit one of the governmental hospitals of Dubai with the copies of your passport, your visa application, your health card application formula of the local Ministry of Health and two photos. You will need to pay AED 200 + 300 so you need to keep these with you.

Although the Dubai medical insurance is said to be something not really necessary and causes some headaches for the international workforce and employment it’s something which needs to be bared and done and anyhow its good for you too to know your actual state of health from time to time. Medical insurance should be renewed every year but in most cases renewal can happen even online.

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