Getting Plastic Surgery in Dubai

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular at most seaside resorts. To connect holiday with beauty treatments is a new but growing trend all over the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and newly, also in Dubai. Cheap plastic surgery is a new touristic attraction for a resort, so it is no wonder Dubai has also decided to join the regions, where cheaper and good quality plastic surgery is available. Let us talk about all the plastic surgery and beauty treatments in connection with it, which are available in Dubai:

There are two types of plastic surgery – the surgical and the non-surgical way.

Non-surgical, as its effective without a long recovery period, so no wonder it is popular. These contain laser and all types of skin filling procedures, with Botox or other materials. This also contain one type of hair implanting process which needs no anaesthetics, lighter types of liposuction also belong in this category. Surgical are the ones, which mean to make visible change in a necessary area. These contain overall facelifts, stretching of the skin of the neck, breast implantation, tummy tuck as they call it and one type of hair implanting process as well. One of the most popular plastic surgery types is the nose correction or nose job as they call it.

Naturally, all sorts of plastic surgeries are highly expensive and they need good professionals to make them. That is why more and more clinics offer so-called packages with multiple surgeries and treatments offered for a price, visibly lower than the total price would be. Some resorts, especially in Thailand and in China had problems with continuous failures of plastic surgery procedures, which indeed are very bad, as they have such effect, which are very hard to correct later on.

That is why Dubai offers the services of the best professionals in their beauty clinics. Among Dubai local women, the most preferred types of plastic surgery are the eye surgery, the Botox and other filling procedures and the tummy tuck. Here, men do not go to plastic surgery, unless it is for medical reasons or because of an accident.

The most prominent plastic surgery clinic of Dubai is the Dubai Plastic Surgery and it consists of several specialists on an international level. They do everything that connects to cosmetic and plastic surgery. They are located downtown area of Dubai on Al Wasl Road, at Umm Suquimm district. You can contact them freely if you need any advice. Thanks to modern technology, the clinic also offers online consultation, and if you send your photos according to the standards given, they can even send you their offer, including before-after photos of you, after each treatment.

Of course, Dubai plastic surgery is not cheap over here either, but for sure, it is cheaper than the standard in Europe and in the United States. So, if you feel the need for a change, do not hesitate to visit this or any other plastic surgery specialists in Dubai. In the Medical City of Dubai, you can also find specialists dealing with plastic surgery.

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