Gianfranco Ferré in Dubai

When we talk about the highest sold clothing ranges in Dubai, we must also mention the clothes of Gianfranco Ferré sold at different brand shops as well. Gianfranco Ferré stores can be found all over Dubai in the shopping centers and in the shopping streets of Dubai.

Gianfranco Ferré is one of the pioneers of Italian fashion, thanks to whom the fashion and design of Italy has started its way to become world famous and an eternal symbol of style and elegance. The clothes of Gianfranco Ferré are all quite feminine, but with a touch of elegance, without being too extravagant in any way. The Ferré designs and diverse labels are world famous in the last few decades, and all the international Gianfranco Ferré stores are flourishing, in Dubai and everywhere in the world as well.

Gianfranco Ferré was the architect of Italian fashion. He started his career as a studied architect. Later on, his interest in fashion became known and not long after, he opened his first office as an independent designer. Ferré is also famous for being the fashion director of Christian Dior, preceding the present Director John Galliano, who is also of Italian origin. Ferré has several worldwide known collections. Both his menswear and women’s clothes collections are equally famous for their great classic style, the men’s shirts for their shiny white colors and great quality textiles used.

The brands under Gianfranco Ferré ownership include Gianfranco Ferré, Ferré, GF and Ferre Milano. Ferré is targeting the US market while the GF brand is targeting the young generations’ shopping habits of different clothing. Gianfranco Ferré has 17 label stores internationally and his brands are sold in more than 250 shopping centers all around the world. Ferré is famous in Dubai especially for men, as for its equal emphasis on the best quality menswear. Dubai Mall has both Gianfranco Ferré and both GFStores inside. Other stores selling clothes of Gianfranco Ferré are the BurJuman shopping Centre and the Hamarain Shopping Center.

With the arrival of all international brands into the Dubai market, the question is how all of these high luxury design centres can make a good living over here. Today, Dubai is the centre of several markets from the highest to the average quality. The other secret of the strength of Dubai shopping power is the fact that Dubai is taking care of the continuous growth of its population, which mainly targets the North American and Western European citizens and the richest people from all over the world.

Due to the incredible investments of Dubai, the population of the city grows by hundreds of thousands of new residents and together with them; the number of foreign employees is growing as well. Dubai is really getting international on several levels. The whole town is like a huge shopping centre.

So, when you are in Dubai, do not resist the urge to go on several shopping sprees, even if most of it is window-shopping, as it s really worth seeing the incredible luxury stores and buildings which Dubai has to offer. Clothes shops are in the highest numbers and sorts, together with all the shopping centers of Dubai, out of which many is a must-see attraction. Gianfranco Ferré is one of the best brands sold here, so go to see some of the great quality Gianfranco Ferré shops, might be that you will find some great discounts as well.

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