Global Village

We all know that when it comes to Dubai, we can expect the unexpected. Starting from about a decade ago, ever since we keep hearing of attractions which are constructed in Dubai all of which being such a creation, which was not created before. Dubai is trying hard to create uniqueness, in every form and in every ways. The Global Village is one of the finest examples of these pioneering attractions. The Global Village is a huge fun and cultural park, where each country of the world has their place to represent them.

Overall, we can call the Global Village one huge continuously ongoing tourism-fair, where each nation and each culture has the chance to show themselves to the tens of thousands of tourists, coming from all parts of the world.

The Global Village project first came up in the beginning of the year 1990 and the idea itself was such a big success. The huge construction works started not long after and in 1996, the Global Village has opened its doors to the public.
It is also interesting to note, that the Global Village in Dubai is of course not the very first try to create such continuous international exhibition. The Disneyworld in Florida was the first to come up with the idea even realising it. Then Dubai, who had since become the new Land of Promise thought that why could they not make it even bigger, even more attractive in every way. Therefore, they did it and they made this huge cultural park, named the Global Village, which includes countless exhibitions, shows and international entertainment programmes. This enormous park lies in an unbelievably huge area with its 1600 thousand sq. meters, by which we can already see, that we for sure will not get bored when visiting the Global Village.

Among its numerous attractions, we can find the hundreds of Pavilions, each of them representing one country or cultural region where one can see exhibitions of artefacts, music and many other things, each of them chosen with high care in order to give their best and to raise the highest interest in that specific country or region. It is indeed an unbelievable site! With one-step, you can find yourself in a traditional Chinese house with its marvellous garden and in 10 minutes, you can walk on the street of a German town to see what to buy in Germany! It offers countless ways for one to have fun, and do great shopping, and to take hundreds of photographs with which they can make fun of their friends, telling them imagine I had been to Munich and in Bangkok in just a day! You can taste the local cuisines as well, which is in itself one good reason why to visit the fantastic Global Village!

By all this, you can get a good picture of the Global Village and it is not the end of its attractions. Numerous other ways have made Global Village already one of the most popular cultural-entertainment parks in the world.

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