Gold & Diamond Park Museum

The Gold and Diamond Park Museum although not yet complete, but already operational, is a great example on how to bring together both efforts to show and preserve one of the most important historical features of Dubai, with the aim to revive this feature again. The museum, as part of the Gold and Diamond Park, is really something worth seeing when in Dubai.

The founding of the Gold and Diamond Park, had two main reasons, one being the aim to show the visitors of Dubai all the nicest pearls and gold works of Dubai, and the other is to bring back the importance of pearls into the mainstream business features of Dubai, where it has once been.

Many may not know that Dubai is relatively young as a city. The ancient area of Dubai was full of small villages; all earned their living from pearl diving. Soon the role of Dubai started to increase, based on its beautiful pearls, the likes of which were not dived or sold anywhere else in the Middle East. That is when Dubai has turned to be a key- business hub for all the merchants of the Middle east and even further!

With the First World War, the ancient pearl diving had become unfortunately extinct, followed by a large economical crisis in Dubai. This crisis lasted until the time, when the oil industry of the Emirates started to produce increased profits. The Gold and Diamond Park currently hosts more than a hundred of gold and pearl companies who are both selling and taking part in the creation of different gold works and the making of hundreds of types of pearl-jewellery. The Gold and Diamond Park Museum, lying in the centre of the complex, already hosts several worldwide unique pearl-wonders.

Some of these wonders include the famous Tahiti black pearls, which are one of the rarest pearls all around the globe. Also among the presented treasures of the Gold and Diamond Park Museum, we can find the famous Australian pinkie -white pearls, not to mention the very rare purple gold and the black pearl diamond, all of which are must-see.

In the Gold and Diamond Park Museum, one can also see the most beautiful arts made by famous Arabic goldsmiths. All represented golden goods are the finest examples of traditional Arabic elaboration of Gold. Some of these art pieces can also be bought in one of the hundreds of shops in the area of Gold and Diamond Park.

The Gold and Diamond Park Museum opened its doors to the public in 2006. As mentioned, the whole Gold and Diamond Park complex is not ready yet, but the operating area is already quite huge. It offers several attractions for the ones, who would like to know more about the history of traditional pearl industry of Dubai.

The Gold and Diamond Park Museum is located in the centre of Dubai, along the “main artery” of Dubai, the Sheikh Zayed Road, which means it is very easy to reach and to find. If you have a couple of hours to spend free, do not miss to see all the great treasures hosted by the Gold and Diamond Park Museum. It is open every weekday, including Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00.

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