Grosvenor House West Marina Beach

The idea of “fusion” is something that in recent years has been applied to fields as diverse as music, food and just about any form of art you could care to mention. What it means at its most basic is that many different styles and aspects come together to make something that is more than the sum of its parts, the numerous contrasts between these elements making for an experience that is what it is because there is such variety and such interesting scope in the spread of influences. The concept of fusion has even become something that can be harnessed by urban planners who find themselves with a city which is no more and no less than a blank canvas positioned between two or three – or even more – different types of geographical setting.

Of course there is the urban aspect to it, which grows upward and outward as time goes on. But there is also the desert on one side and the coast on the other. Go further inland and you will find expanses of wild desert with interesting flora and fauna. Look out beyond the coast and you will see deep, blue sea with the promise of water sports, swimming and sailing. It puts you in the position of choosing what you would like to do with your day – a fascinating conundrum in which there is no wrong answer, just a bunch of exciting options which will all add up to the same thing – a great time that can be enjoyed by all. This is what a holiday should offer – quality, variety and excitement.

The Grosvenor House name is not unfamiliar to travelers – the company bearing the name have a luxury hotel in London which is considered by many to be one of the very best locations to stay. Grosvenor House is a by word for quality of a kind that has been very particular to London, because it has formed a part of the landscape there for so long. Aristocracy have become used to exceptionally high standards, standards which must be followed to achieve what these places are intended to achieve – a place for people with strong ideas on what is acceptable, where they can rest their weary bodies during down time on a business or pleasure voyage.

Grosvenor House West Marina Beach Dubai is obviously a little bit different from its London sister hotel, located as it is in a city which differs greatly from London. With its location on the coast, the Grosvenor House in Dubai is an ideal base for a holiday that will be spent on or around the beach, partaking in all the pursuits that one associates with that location. Not only that, but the Grosvenor House in Dubai is also home to 205 serviced apartments which have won awards from the word go – just six months after they opened in 2005 they were crowned as the best in the world at the World Travel Awards. World Cuisine is also taken care of, perhaps most stunningly by Indego – a modern Indian restaurant that takes a universal favorite and adds a twist.

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