Guess in Dubai: Where Style Meets Sophistication

Experience the pinnacle of fashion at unbeatable prices during the much-awaited Guess sale in Dubai. Step into a world where style meets affordability as Guess presents its exquisite range of clothing at remarkable discounts. From iconic denim pieces to chic dresses and statement accessories, this sale is a golden opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to elevate their wardrobes with authentic Guess creations. Dubai’s vibrant shopping scene finds its fashion epicenter with Guess, where trendsetting designs and premium quality converge, making this sale a must-visit for those seeking to infuse their style with a touch of glamour while enjoying exceptional savings.

When it comes to high profile jeans and street wear, few companies could make it as big as Guess did, which enjoyed its top sales period in the Nineties yet it is still considered one of the top clothes brands when it comes to street wear, accessories and watches. Let us look at the history of Guess, the keys to its success and the brand’s availability in Dubai.

Guess is a US brand that started to deal with high profile designs making unique clothes creations out of jeans and creating a vintage era with its collections. Guess stood out from the crowd also thanks to its brilliant advertising campaigns that started the careers of several top models of today, including Eva Hercigova, Kate Moss or Claudia Schiffer. Guess has several lines for sale today and its watches collection gains lots of appraisal.

Guess was founded in 1982 by the Marciano brothers, who came to the US from France taking the eternal French style with them. Out of the European and the vintage American style, they have created their unique brand: Guess that is also written as “Guess?” as per its logo. Guess has become incredibly popular thanks to its huge photo campaigns featuring black and white photos of future top models. Guess was among the very first brands which brough the expression “designer jeans” into the world of high street fashion. Guess stores have started to open all across the US and then the first stores opened in the big cities of Europe. Today you can find Guess brand stores all over the world. Guess is incredibly popular for its leather goods and other accessories as well. Today, Guess deals with the producing of clothes for men, women and kids. Guess first came out with its upscale co-brand called Marciano, which is still very popular today. After a downshift in sales between 1995 and 2005 the new management has brought Guess its fame back. Apart from its clothes and accessories, Guess has profited a lot from its high profile watch line the Gc Watches that competes with the highest profile fashion watches.

Guess has a distinctive style that puts an extreme emphasis on sexiness both for the men and for the women’s collection. Many of Guess clothes also have a vintage Rock&Roll era feeling about them especially with their checked shirts and the nature of their ads that really bring back the Golden Age of the United States. All Guess ads serve as an exclamation mark with their powerful imaging. From 2005, Guess also deals with the production of sexy shoes and cowboy boots. Although Guess is not a cheap fashion brand, it is extremely popular all across the world. The brand works with an extensive range of jeans and denim materials and their jeans collections remain among the favorite clothes of many.

Dubai is very rich in Guess stores and vast majority of its downtown stores have at least one Guess clothes store. Let us see the list of shopping malls with Guess stores inside: Festival City Mall, BurJuman Center, Deira City Centre, Al Ghurair Centre. Guess has a separate Accessories store in the Festival City Mall.

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