Handbags by Rochas in Dubai

We could hear the name of Rochas mainly in connection with high quality perfumes and haute couture fashion with which the French brand has originally become famous. Founded by Marcel Rochas was the pioneer to invent the 1/3 length coats and skirts which both were made with pockets. This, as we can see today is a great invention and Mr. Rochas and his brand has an elite place in the world of international fashion. Let us see what do Rochas bags can offer us in general, a little history of Rochas and let us explore where we can find Rochas handbags in Dubai.

Rochas as a fashion designing company was founded as early as 1902 by Marcel Rochas who had great interest in bringing novelty designs in the haute couture of France. Then the company has somehow changed to perfumes and Rochas was better known for its perfumes than for its dresses or other accessories by most of us. With the passing away of Mr. Rochas, the company could have as well ceased to exist. However, luckily, they have survived on their high quality perfumes and the breakthrough year for Rochas came in 2002 with the hiring of high-profile designer Olivier Theyskens who has previously designed for such brands as Nina Ricci and had plenty of experience in the designing business. The designer was the one that made Rochas famous again with his first collection for Rochas which gained a huge public applause and with this move, Rochas finally could get back to the house of haute couture, to join the best designing companies of France. The first notable Rochas collection was its 2003 Fall collection. The new Rochas handbags and silhouettes were made with utmost care and it included some great, unique designs. After the first success, Rochas’ fame was continued when the brand gained the attention of popular Hollywood stars.

The business model of Rochas is unique, with the creation of the Theyskens so-called “Demicouture” which does not entirely meet with the rules of Haute Couture clothes, yet priced the same and not produced for the masses only in limited numbers. Rochas handbags still have the rare unique outlook which make you sure: once you choose to buy Rochas handbags, you will not see anyone wearing them, unless its another fan of Rochas as well. Theyskens worked on Rochas fashion line till 2006 and from then on there came a 2 year pause in fashion distribution till the arrival of the talented Italian designer Marco Zanini whose collections we can see today and which gain a huge international attention with their great looks and high quality. Zanini is famous for having worked also for Dolce & Gabbana and Versace previously. Zanini made Rochas famous for its unpredictability and setting new trends. Once you see Rochas handbags, you will see that they are trendsetters. In Dubai, you can find an equisite collection of Rochas handbags in the Mall of the Emirates, within the Harvey Nichols that can be found in this great shopping mall.

Apart from their handbags, Rochas has a great line of quality watches as well which you can also find in several watch stores of Dubai. Once you are in this wonderful city, do not miss the great and unique looking Rochas handbags that you can get at Harvey Nichols Dubai.

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